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Embrace the Autumn with Aran Sweaters and Irish Knits

As the nights draw in, it’s time to think about the best way to keep warm this Winter. Whether you are looking forward to walking in the crisp air or snuggling up by the fire, you’ll feel great throughout the cooler months when you discover authentic Aran sweaters and Irish knits. Unique, traditional and very special, you’ll love the range of authentic Irish sweaters, cardigans, coats, and accessories from the Aran Sweater Market. These beautiful knitwear classics look and feel great while sharing the rich history of Ireland in their symbolic designs. Aran sweaters are made in the traditional Irish style, with many different patterns available, including a unique range of ClanAran Sweaters and scarfs, which reflect the personal heritage of many different clans.

Seasonal Sweaters from The Aran Sweater Market

Authentic Aran Sweaters are a great choice all year round because they are knitted from pure Irish wool that helps to regulate your body temperature, keeping you cool in the summer and warming you up when the weather turns cold. There’s nothing quite like a traditional Aran sweater for comfort and style, and you’ll love the stories behind the stitches, too. You can embrace your Irish heritage with a hand-knit ClanAran Sweater, or simply make a great choice for your family when you choose the style and colour that suits each individual best. It’ll make winter hugs even more special!

Aran-sweater-1-675x887 Embrace the Autumn with Aran Sweaters and Irish Knits

Aran-sweater-women-675x887 Embrace the Autumn with Aran Sweaters and Irish Knits

Why are Aran Sweaters Special?

The Aran sweater, originally named for the Aran Islands of Inis Mor, Inisheer and Inishmaan where it originated, tells a fascinating story about Ireland’s history through unique and beautiful patterned stitching. Living on the Aran Islands was not easy, and the generations of fishermen and farmers who built their lives here were battling a harsh environment with the powerful Atlantic Sea on all sides. The Aran Sweater was created to make life a little easier, helping to protect against the elements and keeping the wearer warm at sea or out in the fields all year round.

Aran sweaters tell tales of traditional Irish lifestyles, with stitches that are inspired by different aspects of Irish history. The Lattice Stitch Sweater, for example, was inspired by the old fisherman’s baskets used in this beautiful area, and the Chevron Stitch Sweater, constructed through the pattern of increases and decreases, mirrors the wave formations as the wild sea crashes against the cliffs around the islands.

Moss stitch, the filler stitch featured in so many Aran Sweater Market creations, was originally inspired by the stunning carrageen moss and seaweed on the Northern coastline of Inis Mor, traditionally used as food and fertiliser on these rugged islands, and other key stitches include the Honeycomb stitch, representing the hard labours of the honeycomb bee and the local people. Aran Sweaters hold a special connection with historic Irish culture, particularly in the Aran Islands, and they will always reflect the lives of the skilled local knitters who create them.

Aran-sweater-2-675x887 Embrace the Autumn with Aran Sweaters and Irish Knits

Aran-sweater-men-675x887 Embrace the Autumn with Aran Sweaters and Irish Knits

Choose an Aran Sweater to keep you cosy this Winter

There’s just nothing like wearing a carefully crafted, authentic Aran sweater to keep you warm this winter, and you’ll be even cosier if every member of the family has one. It’s a great time to be focusing on layering up to lower your heating bills and your carbon footprint, and with an Aran Sweater, you won’t feel the chill. You can browse the extensive Aran Sweater Market range online, including the exclusive Clan Sweaters, or visit one of the stores in the Aran Islands, Galway, Killarney or Dublin to see these beautiful products in real life. We have several favourites to recommend, including the following best sellers:

Women’s Best Sellers:

1 You’ll love the Hooded Coatigan with a Celtic knot zipper pull, which features the Cable pattern. This is a practical and attractive garment that is an absolute pleasure to wear. With a snug hood and a flattering design, made of 100% soft Merino Wool, this is perfect to see you through the winter. The Coatigan comes in a variety of colours, all in natural and organic wool that helps to regulate the body temperature, and includes a signed and stamped Certificate of Authenticity.

Aran-HOODED-COATIGAN-675x887 Embrace the Autumn with Aran Sweaters and Irish Knits

2 The beautiful Aran Cable Crossover Neck Sweater is a classic with a crossover neck design to keep you cosy in the colder months. This sweater features pockets and cable design and is made of 100% soft Merino wool. Natural, organic, and easy care wool feels amazing to wear, and this is a garment that is flattering and comfortable for every day or a special occasion.

Aran-sweater-675x887 Embrace the Autumn with Aran Sweaters and Irish Knits

3 The Aran Cable Knit Cardigan is a popular choice, as featured in British Vogue Magazine, and displays the Aran Cable and Honeycomb design. This is an ideal option for the changing seasons, made of pure Merino wool, which reacts to your body’s temperature so that you keep warm in the winter and stay cool in the summer. The cable stitch traditionally represents luck, and you’ll certainly feel lucky when you snuggle up in this cardigan.

Aran-Cable-Knit-Cardigan-675x887 Embrace the Autumn with Aran Sweaters and Irish Knits

Men’s Best Sellers:

1 The Roll Neck Fisherman Sweater is a distinctive and rugged sweater that was traditionally worn by Irish fishermen. It is a popular choice and looks as striking worn with a collared shirt as it does with a pair of jeans. This timeless classic is knit in Ireland with 100% pure new wool and is available in four colours.

Aran-Roll-Neck-Fisherman-Sweater-675x887 Embrace the Autumn with Aran Sweaters and Irish Knits

2 For a truly classic look, the Men’s Wool Turtleneck Sweater is an excellent choice, made of 100% soft Merino Wool and suitable for smart or casual wear. This submariner style sweater tells tales of the sea, with a cable pattern to represent fishermen’s ropes and a Honeycomb design that promises a reward for honest labour. This is a sweater that will be worn again and again and will make a wonderful gift for someone special.

Aran-Wool-Turtleneck-Sweater-675x887 Embrace the Autumn with Aran Sweaters and Irish Knits

3 You’ll stay cosy all winter with the Diamond and Cable Zip Cardigan with Pockets, made with 100% soft Merino wool with a traditional design of diamond and cable Aran stitches. This is a striking choice, perfect for keeping you warm as the weather cools, featuring a smart mock turtleneck collar and pockets. This also includes a signed and stamped Certificate of Authenticity, as do all of our authentic Aran Sweaters.

Aran-Diamond-and-Cable-Zip-Cardigan-675x887 Embrace the Autumn with Aran Sweaters and Irish Knits

If your heritage is Irish, you’ll love the wonderful ClanAran Sweaters and Scarfs, reflecting the diverse and traditional roots of more than 200 Irish surnames already. These sweaters and scarfs are a great way to connect with your ancestors, as each Clan sweater and scarf has its own unique family pattern. These sweaters were historically used to help identify the bodies of fishermen who had been lost at sea, demonstrating their importance to the clans over so many generations. You can see the Aran Sweater Market’s growing range of Clan Sweaters and Scarfs online, and find out what your own Clan Sweater says about your family name.

Aran-clan-scarf Embrace the Autumn with Aran Sweaters and Irish Knits

Treat Yourself to an Authentic Aran Sweater

When you think about the changing seasons, you might conjure up images of a cosy Christmas film, or ice skating at your local rink. Maybe you are looking forward to taking the dog for a wintery walk or taking a trip to your favourite coffee store. Whatever you’re dreaming of doing this autumn and winter, you’ll want to stay warm while you’re having fun. Aran Sweater Market is the perfect place to find companion clothing for the cooler seasons, with statement sweaters that will keep you feeling cosy until beach weather comes around again.

The friendly team at The Aran Sweater Market can help you to find the designs you love, and there is something to suit every taste and budget. A ClanAran Sweater is a truly special gift that will be treasured forever, featuring unique patterns that are rooted in ancient Irish legend, culture, and traditions. If you are looking for the perfect wedding or christening present, you’ll find that each name in the ClanAran Range includes a hand-knit sweater, a clan scarf, a clan throw, and a knitting kit. Take a look online to see if your family name is available, and discover a unique gift that will always be cherished.

The Aran Sweater Market is also an excellent place to look for unique gifts and items for the home and has an impressive catalogue of traditional Irish knits, including clothing and toys for babies and children, and beautiful throws and cushion covers. You can even try the traditional craft for yourself with an Aran knitting kit!

Aran-knitted-throw-675x887 Embrace the Autumn with Aran Sweaters and Irish Knits

Aran-knitted-toys-675x887 Embrace the Autumn with Aran Sweaters and Irish Knits

Visit Aran Sweater Market online today or visit one of our store in Dublin city centre, Killarney, Galway city as well as the Aran Islands.

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