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Eleven2 Hosting Review !

 About the Eleven2:

Eleven2.com has been one of the leading figures in the online web hosting industry for several years, bringing its customers and a wide number of worldwide clients the effective solutions for both web hosting services, reseller hosting, cloud servers and in the registration of domain names. Eleven2 has also received several host awards representing the true excellence in their services, professional etiquette and the effectiveness in using their services with excellent reliability and highly competitive plans that are priced to match affordability in your hands.

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 Services and Plans:

Eleven2 currently offers four fundamental services with many different plans in each type of service. Their most popular service is web hosting which offers lightning speeds, worldwide CDN and global locations for an easy and effective access wherever you may be. Eleven 2 offers three distinctive plans which are charged on a monthly, annual, every two or three years depending upon the needs and preferences of every individual. The best-selling web hosting plan is the S-300, which offers 500GB of storage space, 40,000GB of monthly bandwidth, unlimited domains and other great features for $144 per year.

Moving now to the reselling hosting plans, the most popular plan from Eleven2 in this type of service category is the R-300 which offers 300GB on monthly storage; 3,000GB of monthly bandwidth and a dedicated IP address for $37.46 per month. Cloud servers start at $12.50 per month with a 30GB hard drive, 512MB memory and a bandwidth of 250GB. Plans in cloud server’s solutions can reach up to 24,576MB in memory, over 1920GB in hard disk space and over 12,000GB in bandwidth for $600 per month.

On the other hand, Eleven2 also offers as a distinctive domain service which includes registration or transferring. Prospective customers can register or transfer the domain name with Eleven2 starting at just $15 per year and have the option of doing so with a .com, .org or .net domain.


 Price Value:

One of the most favorable features about Eleven2 is the fact that all of their plans and costs are competitively priced, offering all customers an incentive of sticking to their services and using them for a prolonged period of time, since the offsetting of costs is highly visible when each plan is taken from 1 to 3 years depending upon the needs and preferences of each individual client. Apart from this favorable feature, Eleven2 has always remained as the leader in offering quality services for a fraction of what other similar web hosting websites and businesses charge online. Their level of quality and high reputation does not only come from the fact that they are good at what they do, but also for the fact that they do it well in order to obtain more customers in the long run and thereby maintain their level of prestige with the right prices and plans. In a growing technology where the demand of web hosting services and other solutions are being developed and growing with immediate competition, it is likely that Eleven2 will remain as the leader due to its prolonged and effective efforts that have resulted in great products in the long run for all of their clients.


 Marketing Promotions:

Like any other online businesses out there, Eleven2 engages in some heavy but significant marketing promotions that glaringly visualize their services at a wide scale. Some of these include the registration of their clients in their monthly newsletter that communicates to all of its clients the currently ongoing promotions on each month. Eleven2 also promotes itself by launching its e2Panel that effectively makes the user experience of every client a breeze and thereby obtaining more customers in the long term.

Finally, Eleven2 engages in awarded surveys where each opinion of every client counts. From time to time, most survey takers are drawn to a pool and one is selected as a winner of a specific prize, giveaway or a free short term service of Eleven2. Affiliate bonuses are also quite common, offering a bonus up to $10,000 for those affiliate marketers that effectively bring the majority of customers to Eleven2 on a permanent basis.


 Guarantees of the Eleven2:

The only guarantee from Eleven2 is the fact that they offer a 60-day money back guarantee. If for any reason, a client does not feel satisfied with the services provided, he or she can receive a full refund within 60 days of signing up for the given service.


 Reliability of the Eleven2:

Customers can be rest assured that Eleven2 is a great web hosting service whose business practices are reliable and do offer what they promise in a consistent and effective basis. The given awards for Eleven2 from a wide number of web hosting organizations online and the vast number of online reviews effectively address the reliability and true potential of Eleven2.


 Advantages and Disadvantages of Eleven2:

The main advantages of Eleven2 are its competitive long term priced plans that offer high quality and reliable service without compromising the effectiveness in their services whatsoever. Apart from this, Eleven2 offers a terrific customer support through a dedicated customer support team that are on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to clarify any doubts or concerns you may have.

Some of the disadvantage of Eleven2 is the lack of variety in their plans for a short term of temporary basis; their costs at the short term are highly dependent upon the usage needs of every client, terminating in higher costs and less benefits for each client. Another major disadvantage is their lack of promotions, offers and discounts, even though their prices are competitive, their reputation and overall client base would increase if they offered better promotions and offers to their customers.



Eleven2 is a great web hosting service for any kind of individual who needs long term and dedicated services that are based upon web hosting, reseller hosting, cloud servers or domain names. It is highly recommended to choose Eleven2 when you are trying to consider the best solutions when you take all these four services and not just one, since by only taking one service you will end up paying more on a short-term basis than you would at other similar website hosting servers.

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