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77+ Elegant Striped Outfit Ideas and Ways to Wear Stripes in 2018

Do you find it difficult to wear stripes? Stripes are among the catchiest prints women wear. They are perfect for almost all women. They are presented every year as a hot print trend and refuse to leave us in any season. They can be spotted at many fashion shows in different countries around the world to prove that they are great for all women at any place. All of this means that the striped outfits will never be out of fashion. So you need to bring one piece or more at your wardrobe, but which pieces should you bring? How to choose your striped outfits? How to pair different pieces with each other? How to increase your beauty through wearing striped outfits? All of these questions need to be answered and you can find the answer here. Striped outfits are really fabulous and catchy. They can increase your elegance and help you look taller, shorter, fatter, or thinner, as you like, thanks to the vertical and horizontal stripes that can change your look. So, you have to learn how to choose the best and most appropriate striped outfits that suit the shape of your body.

♦ Be careful: When you decide to wear striped outfits, especially those with horizontal stripes, you have to be very careful. This is because wearing horizontal stripes can make you look shorter and wider.

♦ Classic stripes: Black and white stripes are known to be the most common colors when we talk about stripes. They were the first colors to be used and this is why they are considered to be among the classics. They are still used by many fashion designers and can be spotted at several fashion shows presented by famous fashion houses. For these reasons, most of the women opt for wearing black and white striped outfits. They will never be out of fashion and are perfect for different occasions and seasons as well. If you are one of those who like the classics, try to wear one of those black and white striped pieces. Black and white stripes can be paired with other patterns and prints without problem. If you want to minimize the effect of stripes, you will need to pair your striped pieces with other plain ones like plain blazers, vests, cardigans, pants, jeans, etc.

♦ Nautical & Colorful stripes: Do you find those black and white stripes boring or not catchy? What do you think of trying those colorful stripes? Black and white colors are not the only ones to be used on the striped outfits. There are too many colors from which you can select what suits your taste and the different seasons throughout the year. There are the nautical stripes which are known to be very common among women after the classic black and white stripes. The nautical stripes are a combination of navy blue and white stripes to finally present to women amazing nautical striped pieces that are believed by some women to be catchier than the black and white stripes.

There are also pastel colors and bright colors which are more than perfect for any season especially the spring and summer seasons as the weather warms and becomes suitable for wearing lighter shades. Pastel striped outfits are great for those women who want to get a girly look and appear to be younger. If you do not like those pastel striped outfits because they are very soft and simple, then you can try wearing those striped outfits in bright colors. Bright striped outfits can help you attract more attention as the bright colors you select will add more fun to what you wear and will also make you look more energetic. You can find the striped outfits in just one color paired with white or more than one color paired with each other for a catchier and more impressive look.

♦ Chevron striped outfits: Do you want to look catchier and more elegant? What do you think of wearing those chevron striped outfits? In addition to the vertical and horizontal stripes that can be found everywhere and on different pieces women wear, there are also the chevron stripes. Chevron striped outfits are awesome and can help you enjoy wearing stripes in another way. Instead of those vertical and horizontal stripes, you can wear chevron striped dresses, chevron striped skirts or chevron striped tops. Chevron stripes are perfect for those who do not like the traditional trends and others who like stripes but are afraid of trying them.

♦ Completely striped outfits: If you are one of those who adore the striped outfits, then you can try this idea. Those outfits that are entirely striped can be tried in different ways. You can wear just one striped piece like striped dresses, rompers and jumpsuits. If you do not want to do this, then you can try pairing two striped pieces with each other like striped coats paired with striped pants, striped tops with striped skirts or pants, and striped blazers with striped jeans or skirts. You can select the idea that you like and suits your body. By choosing two striped pieces for the top and bottom parts of your body, you can decide which stripes to wear. You can pair vertical stripes with horizontal ones or wear just one type of stripes according to the shape of your body.

♦ Celebrities in striped outfits: Those striped outfits are worn by many celebrities, which increases their popularity and makes them more common among women. Celebrities such as Ashley Olsen, Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift, Miranda Kerr, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss, Leigh Lezark, Emma Stone, the Brazilian model and actress Alessandra Ambrosio, Olivia Palermo, who likes the striped outfits as she appeared in many striped pieces, in addition to other celebrities are all smart. This is because they know how to wear the striped outfits and have succeeded in using stripes to increase their elegance and become fashionable. They appeared in several striped outfits to prove that those stripes are great for women of all ages.

There is no need to escape from wearing the striped outfits anymore thinking that they do not suit the shape of your body. Now with the help of all of these fascinating striped outfit ideas, you can go and purchase the best and most appropriate striped outfits that can increase your beauty, suit the shape of your body, and make you look elegant.