Electronic Fish to Collect Information on Lake And River

A group of American researchers of the University of Michigan electronic devise a fish,  can swim long distances, and collect information on lakes and rivers.

Fired on the robot grace abbreviation for a robot slider gliding robot ace, equipped with sensors to collect information and measuring water temperature and quality of water, and is characterized by its ability to swim independently whether to move the tail or slip into the water, and this combination allows for a movement and travel long distances.

Says Xebeo Tan first researcher responsible for the project “that swimming requires constantly moving the tail, which means that the battery will be consumed continuously and will not last more than a few hours, this is why we are different types of pool, either by sliding or moving the tail” he added

That those patterns allows the device to adapt to different environments, from shallow waterways to deep lakes, tranquil than the static water to fast-moving rivers.

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