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Electric Standing Desks: Which Type Is the Right One for Your Home Office?

Written by: Ben Flynn

Prolonged sitting is the new smoking. Regardless of how ergonomic your office set up is, sitting for long hours-more than 8 hours a day- can be detrimental to your health, increasing the chances of developing a chronic disease by 20% or the risk of premature death by 10%. Prolonged standing isn’t good for your comfort or health either, as you can quickly develop health issues, notably skeletal or muscle disorders. The key to healthy living for sedentary workers is to alternate between sitting and standing. An electric standing desk allows you to seamlessly interchange between sitting and standing, giving you the best of both worlds. Standing desks effectively alleviates chronic body pain associated with prolonged sitting and corrects poor desk posture. Standing desks can potentially assist you in losing weight by enhancing your caloric output and fitness aid.

Frequently transitioning between sitting and standing while working will enhance blood flow, keeping you active and focused during your workday. In recent times, standing desks have become quite popular thanks to the numerous health benefits they offer. Of interest is the electrically height-adjustable standing desk, which allows you to adjust height via the touch of a button. Some even feature memory presets so that you don’t have to keep on changing heights in the case of multiple users. With the numerous electric standing desks lining up the market today, it may be daunting to choose an ideal standing desk for your everyday needs. Below, we explore electric standing desks to enable you to choose the best one for your home office.

Electric-Standing-Desk Electric Standing Desks: Which Type Is the Right One for Your Home Office?
Kana Bamboo Desk. Image courtesy of Flexispot

Different Types of Home Office

With most of us now working from home, a home office has become an integral space in our homes. A dedicated workspace in your house enables you to focus entirely on work by averting household distractions. Most homes usually don’t have a dedicated office space. However, with thoughtful planning and creativity, it’s possible to turn almost any room into a functional home office.

When setting up a home office, you’ll want to ensure that it’s tailored to meet your specific needs. Your home office should be able to accommodate you in every way, including your work ethics, seating preferences, working style, and other personal partialities. Here are the different types of home offices.

1 Corner Office

As the name implies, corner offices are set up in a spare corner of the house. Setting up a home corner desk is quite inexpensive and relatively straightforward. It’s a great option if your house doesn’t have sufficient space, but a well-lit corner is lying idle. All you need is a home office corner desk which comes with an extended work surface.

When creating an office corner, you would want to add house plants and art pieces. You can also DIY shelves to store your books, magazines, stationery, etc. Most corner desks come with a chest of drawers which give you plenty of storage spaces.

The other thing to consider in setting up your dream corner office in your home is lighting. The corner should be airy and naturally lit to avoid straining your eyes from prolonged computer use. Besides, choose a chair that offers you boundless comfort plus matches your office décor. A home corner office can be elegant and authentic, allowing you to work from the comfort of your home. However, if you’re not living alone, you might have to put up with noise and a lack of privacy.

Corner-Office-1 Electric Standing Desks: Which Type Is the Right One for Your Home Office?

2 Bedroom Office

If you have an extra bedroom in your home, you can set up a comprehensive home office with everything you need for work. Considering that this room would be your dedicated office space, you can entirely convert it to an office by installing functional needs such as shelves, lighting, insulated windows, carpeting, and office decorations, among other essentials.

If you don’t have a spare bedroom to establish a dedicated home office, you can create an office environment in your bedroom by adding a desk, chair, and other office requirements. Does your bedroom have a walk-in closet? If the answer is yes, the better. You can easily get this space repurposed into a home office by establishing some visual separations and furnish the room accordingly.

When setting up a bedroom office, it’s recommended that you create a dividing wall to sort of isolate the office from the bedroom and give you some privacy. Separating your bedroom and office would also ensure you don’t feel like you’re confined in one space where you sleep and work. If your room has a bay window large enough to accommodate a desk, you can set up your home office there. You’ll get plenty of natural light and also lots of working and storage spaces to effectively handle tasks remotely.

A bedroom can be a perfect space to create an office, especially if you’re short of other options. You’ll be able to focus on the task at hand, considering that your bedroom office would be secluded. It’s also beneficially private and peaceful, away from distractions synonymous with the living room area.

Bedroom-office Electric Standing Desks: Which Type Is the Right One for Your Home Office?

3 Attic Office

Attics can provide an excellent spot for setting up a home office, provided lightning and air condition systems are installed. Most attic spaces have an incredible view, and you’ll surely enjoy working from your attic office. When setting up an attic office, you would want to go with a minimalist design, depending on the size of the attic space. Most attic spaces are pretty low, shaped oddly, and slanted roofs; thus, the office space may be restrictive. Minimalistic office space would therefore be a great fit in these spaces.

Be a little bit creative in setting up your home attic office. Go for white furniture, bright colors, rustic additions, and other little detailing that you might need: outfit, the space with beautiful lighting fixtures, and air conditioning to create a perfect atmosphere for working. Also, add shelves, drawers, an attractive desk, and not forgetting an ergonomic chair.

Rather than leaving your attic space lying idle or filling it with junk, convert it to a functional home office for enhanced productivity.

Attic-office Electric Standing Desks: Which Type Is the Right One for Your Home Office?

4 Garage Office

Many established companies today, notably Apple, were started from a garage office. If you require frequent ample working space for your business, you may want to set up a garage office. A garage office is not only spacious enough to meet your working needs but also has a separate entrance allowing for easy access.

You may need significant investment to convert your garage into a fully functional home office. This is because you’ll have to install nearly everything, including water, heat, lighting, sewer, flooring, electrical fittings, and office furniture and detailing. The garage can be a great place to set up a home office, especially if you need ample office space or your business is entirely operated from home.

garage-office Electric Standing Desks: Which Type Is the Right One for Your Home Office?

5 Basement Office

If you have a safe and habitable basement, you can convert it to a functional home office. Ensure the basement has adequate headroom, good access, and excellent moisture conditions where your computer equipment, documents, and other stuff won’t be damaged by heat, dampness, or cold.

Install lighting fixtures, air conditioning, office furniture, and other office detailing to create the perfect office environment. Basement home offices are usually spacious, providing plenty of storage and working spaces. Additionally, they offer you excellent privacy allowing you to channel all your energy to work.

Basement-Office Electric Standing Desks: Which Type Is the Right One for Your Home Office?

Types of Electric Standing Desk for Your Home Office

Based on the type of your home office, there are different types of electric standing desks. If you have a corner office and need plenty of working space, an L-desk would be a great pick. Similarly, a compact standing desk would be ideal if you have a minimalist artic or bedroom office. Here are the different types of electric desks that suit the different kinds of home offices.

1 L-Shaped Standing Desks

An L-shaped desk is perfect for a corner office. The desk sits in the corner, taking up little space while offering plenty of working space, even allowing you to stretch. It features two sides perpendicular to each other, vastly increasing the working surface and keeping resources within arm’s reach. It’s a perfect choice if your working space is always crowded or you want to reach several resources quickly.

There are several factors to consider when looking for an L-shaped desk, including material, size, and storage features. Suppose you’re considering an electric L-shaped desk; FlexiSpot’s L-Shaped Standing Desk E1L is an excellent pick. It features a reversible panel making it versatile, accommodating both right-hand and left-hand users. Besides offering plenty of working space, the desk packs outstanding features, including a super quiet dual-motor lifting mechanism, advanced all-in-one controller, and excellent build quality. An L-Shaped Standing desk could surely complement your corner office.

L-Shaped-Standing-Desk. Electric Standing Desks: Which Type Is the Right One for Your Home Office?

2 Minimalist Standing Desks

Bedrooms and attic offices have one thing in common-minimalist design. Therefore, they are complemented with a minimalist standing desk that will offer sufficient working space without eating up too much floor space or appearing bulky. A great choice for your attic or bedroom office would be the Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass from FlexiSpot.

Minimalist-Standing-Desk Electric Standing Desks: Which Type Is the Right One for Your Home Office?

Comhar All-in-One desk. Image by FlexispotThis revolutionary electric standing desk offers the perfect solution for WFH. It’s compact enough to fit in small spaces taking up minimal floor space while providing sufficient desktop working space. Better still, it comes with outstanding technology-focused features, including programmable height presets, convenient USB charging ports, spacious embedded drawer, anti-collision quality, and tempered glass tabletop that gives it an executive look that’s perfect for your home office. The Comhar standing desk would be a great addition to your minimalist home office, whether in the bedroom or attic space.

3 U-Shaped Standing Desks

Considering that garage offices have plenty of space, the best fit would be the U-Shaped standing desk. This desk takes up plenty of floor space and is therefore ideal for a larger room. It offers up to three work areas and can hold multiple monitors and other devices you might need, such as a printer. U-shaped standing desks create the ultimate workstation allowing you to seamlessly shift between computer and non-computer tasks with just a turn of your seat. Besides, you transit between sitting and standing with a simple press of a button.

U-Shaped-Standing-Desk-1 Electric Standing Desks: Which Type Is the Right One for Your Home Office?

4 T-Shaped Standing Desk

A T-shaped standing desk is suitable for a basement office. Like the U-shaped desks, T-shaped desks occupy a large floor area and provide plenty of desktop working space. These standing desks are ideal for a shared office space. It would be perfect for you and your partners if you shared the home basement office or needed two completely different workstations.

T-shaped standing desks offer plenty of storage spaces with drawers and a hutch attached at the top, creating additional storage spaces. They are great for roomy office spaces requiring plenty of storage.

T-Shaped-Standing-Desk Electric Standing Desks: Which Type Is the Right One for Your Home Office?

To be productive and stay focused on the assigned tasks, you need to be in a pleasant environment where you feel relaxed and away from distractions. Working from home is increasingly becoming the norm. To do this efficiently, you may want to set up a home office to keep up with the work demands.

There are plenty of ways you can make your home workspace more convenient while maintaining your health. One of them is the addition of standing desks, enabling you to avert the detrimental effects of prolonged sitting. There are different standing desk designs to match the different kinds of home offices. FlexiSpot’s L-Shaped Standing Desk E1L is an excellent match for a corner office, while the Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass is perfect for minimalist office spaces set up in the attic space or bedroom. Electric standing desks will enable you to maintain an active and healthy body as you power through the day.

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