Egg donation – A Selfless Act For Helping Women

There is this mentality or mindset which has been developed in every woman. This is the fact that their bodies have been naturally designed to ensure the creation, nurturing, and delivery of babies. All through our lifetime, we have been achieving our personal goals and objectives. The problem is that we haven’t taken into consideration the fact that our eggs may not provide babies we have always dreamt of.

Many women depend on egg donation from other women’s selfless acts. However, the question is whether you have always thought about being an egg donor. The first step towards becoming an egg donor is understanding the requirements involved in such a process. This will enable you to know whether such a choice aligns with your needs or not.

egg-donation-1 Egg donation – A Selfless Act For Helping Women

Why you should be involved in egg donation?

Most women do not realize the fact that they can’t have children until they are almost approaching menopause. Although there are various methods that can be used in treating the problem of infertility today, most couples would always want to explore the option of donors in order to have children of their own.

One of the best decisions you can ever make is donating your eggs. It can’t be traded for anything in the world.

Although there isn’t any wrong or right reason for donation, it is crucial to understand the fact that this process is highly recommended for you. It doesn’t really matter what your decision is based on – personal beliefs, finance, or helping other people. Whatever your reason may be, just understand that you have the rare chance of adding value to the life of someone.

egg-donation-women Egg donation – A Selfless Act For Helping Women

Qualities to expect from egg donors

Despite the fact that donor egg banks have been known to have guidelines of their own which you are expected to follow, there are some specific standards to be met. These are outlined below:

  • Your age range should be from 21-32years
  • You should be very healthy
  • You must be willing to ensure self-administration of injectable medications
  • You should be available for at least 4months
  • You should not be a recreational drug user or smoker
  • You must not test positive to any STD

In order to confirm you have met all of these conditions, you will be made to go through a series of medical screenings and psychological evaluations. Also, you will be interviewed about your educational and professional history.

find-the-right-donors Egg donation – A Selfless Act For Helping Women

Potential recipients will get access to information extracted during such evaluations. This is to enable them to make the right decisions. When people are struggling to find the right donors, such data will prove helpful. It will enable them to choose donors that align with their needs.  For instance, people can choose donors based on factors like educational background, family background, physical traits, and many others.

The basics of the egg retrieval process

The process of egg collection will commence once a donor has been approved. This involves series of tests like blood work and ultrasounds. Details like these will provide your doctor will more information about the current state of your health.

The stimulation process will then begin once such details have been collected and analyzed. Simulation is the self-administration of injectable hormones as well as medications. Through this, your body will produce eggs that it would normally produce during menstruation. There is constant monitoring with ultrasounds as well as blood work to find out how your system is responding. Eggs that have been collected eventually are going to be stored.

Egg donation is an emotional experience

This process is highly emotional. The same way an egg recipient will feel depressed, regret, or even anxious during the process of the IVF cycle, that is how a donor would also feel. In other words, both the donor and egg recipient always feel very emotional.

Egg-donation-is-an-emotional-experience Egg donation – A Selfless Act For Helping Women
Egg donation is an emotional experience

It doesn’t really matter how inspired you may feel initially as there will always be that feeling of loss. For instance, you start feeling there is no connection between you and the unborn child. This feeling can sometimes be very overwhelming. The solution to this problem is to ensure you always remember the end goal.

If you are suffering from any form of infertility, there is always that feeling of wanting a family of your own. Although it is heartbreaking to know that there will not be any genetic connection between you and a baby, don’t forget that another woman is sacrificing her egg in order to make your dreams become a reality. Think about the miracle of carrying your own baby.

Although it is easy to get carried away emotionally while trying to make a donation, always remember that such a decision will always outweigh any negative emotion you may be having. Each time the parent will look at the child, there is always the awareness that someone has made a sacrifice for them in the past. It creates that special moment to know that someone has been able to add value to their lives.

They will not just show the child unending love. Also, they will forever be grateful to you. Being a donor gives you the chance of creating that special and unforgettable moment in a woman’s life. It gives you a sense of pride.

Have you ever considered the possibility of donating your egg for someone who is dreaming of starting her own family?

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