An Efficient Free Online Video Trimmer [Cut Video Review]

In the digital age that we are living, we almost entirely depend on digital photography and videography. Therefore, digital videos have obtained a significant presence in today’s life. We use them for different purposes: recording of personal moments, entertainment, academic research, education, work, etc. Having a video needs cut, for any of the previous aims, is indeed a situation many of us have encountered. So, finding a user-friendly, efficient video cutter is a necessity. For all who need to cut videos out there, we present you this review of the Cut Video.

Practical benefits

A video trimmer is of significant benefits to editors who need to incorporate subsets of videos into projects such as movies or Youtube videos, and to couples or families who record special occasions and want to cut the videos to short parts and put one or two of them on their mobiles. They are of quite a vitality to researchers who gather audio/visual material for their researches, and to teachers and lecturers who prepare educational content for their students. And the list of practical uses goes on.

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What is Cut Video?

Cut Video is a video cutter website that allows users to trim their videos effortlessly; this applies to files of different sizes, up to 300 MB. You can do it even if you have not cut a video before; only three straightforward steps stand between you and your desired video part:

  • Adding the file to the website,
  • cutting the subset that you want,
  • then, downloading it to your device, whether computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.

Adding the file could be either by uploading it to the website or by its URL. The site also comprises a video converter “Convertio” which supports many formats, including AVI, FLV, HEVC, MP4, MPEG, and TS. Plus, it enables users to convert videos of different sizes, up to 100 MB for free.

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How to trim a video?

After uploading the file on the website, appears a box that includes the cutting tools and other options such as different video qualities and formats to choose from what suits your target and device. The trimming tools are a screen that shows the uploaded video, and below it is a queue of the video frames with two bracket-like tools that allow you to select the frames you want to cut.

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Further services

Along with the primary video cutting service are other editing tools, including:

  • Audio and video mergers that allow the merging of files.
  • Video adjusting with which you adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of the videos as you desire.
  • Video filtering; this tool offers various filters that give different effects such as Sepia, Greyscale, Yosemite,
  • Tetons, Maxwell, etc.
  • Flipping the videos upside down
  • Video rotation to aid you changing the video orientation
  • Video Cropping
  • Video resizing; the tool assists you to resize the video without sacrificing its quality. It provides you with options to turn your video fit for social media, specifically Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It is indeed an incredible treatment for large files.

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Now let us have a look at the ups and downs of Cut Video.


1 A free service

Cut Video website provides an online, free video trimming service for 300-MB files or smaller sizes, which is indeed their biggest pro, yet not the only.

2 Easy to use

Cut Video website is user-friendly. It allows you to trim the video easily then download it to your device. It also presents a converter with which you can convert videos to different formats. It is a free service as long as the size of the video does not exceed 100 MB. If your files are of bigger sizes, you may consider signing up for the paid service. However, away from “Convertio,” the website offers four formats as a part of the primary function, video trimming.

3 Flexibility in adding the videos

Cut Video provides you with four options to add your files. You can do it either by a URL or by uploading the video from your device, Google Drive or Dropbox. This grants you a great deal of flexibility and smooth use of the trimmer.

4 Multi-languages

The website is available in five languages besides the English, including French, Spanish, Italian, and German. This guarantees extra ease in using the video trimmer by non-English speakers whose native languages are one of the five.

5 Extra editing options

The editing tools that Cut Video offers, along with video trimming, raise the capability of the website to meet and fulfill a variety of its users’ demands. They are quite practical and user-friendly. All the services have a maximum upload limit of the 300 MB; you cannot employ them to edit files of larger sizes.

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1 Dependent on the Internet connection

As is the case for online services, dealing with cut video is smoother when you have a good internet connection of high speed, and it becomes more challenging with a poor connection. For example, if the connection is unsteady, the upload prosses may fail, and you could end up re-uploading the file several times until the process completes. Besides, if you need to apply more than one edit to the same file, let us say video trimming, filtering, and rotating, you have to re-upload the video three times to execute the three editings, another reason why the speedy Internet is necessary.

2 Paid video converter for 100+ MB files

The video converter “Convertio” have a lesser maximum upload limit than the other services. To edit 100+ MB files, you need to enroll in a premium plan.

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Video trimmers are an indispensable tool for professionals as well as amateurs. Whatever your aim is, use Cut video and enjoy accomplishing the task efficiently.

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