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The Effects of Alcohol on Your Body and Mind

1- Alcohol is a drink contains ethanol which is like a poison that slows down the brain’s activities and the activity of the spinal cord.

2- Alcohol passes from the mouth into the stomach; during his journey the body quickly absorbs it especially if you drink it in an empty stomach then after few minutes alcohol will be in all your body (your liver and on to your heart, lungs and brain).

3- The liver needs water to do its work but alcohol is a diuretic that removes the water from the body. So the liver has to divert water away from other organs including the brain making you feel worse and further dehydrated. This won’t stop at this point as there are long-term damage effects like Cirrhosis of the Liver, Alcoholic Hepatitis, and Fatty Deposits in Liver. Alcohol has bad effects on the Kidneys too.

4- Not only this but also Alcohol causes redness of the skin and makes it appear blotchy as it dehydrates the body. It also reduces your ability to learn and form memories and Affects badly on your brain.

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1 The Effects of Alcohol on Your Body and Mind

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