Saving Nature: Best 10 Eco-Friendly Transport Types

The contribution of transportation towards greenhouse gas emission over the past three decades has been quite shocking. In a recent report, it was discovered that it contributed about 22% of emissions in the world. The worst part is that transportation will continue to increase as a sector or industry, given that people are becoming aware of the benefit of moving from one place to another.

The truth is that every method of transportation which you will choose does require their form of energy which enables them to function. However, some have been discovered to be quite friendly to the earth and environment than others. The major aim of this post will be to expose you to some of the best eco-friendly types of transports. These are effective and efficient means of transportation, meaning that you will be able to move easily from one place to another with minimal gas emission.

1 E-rickshaws

Since the year 2008, there is no doubt that E-rickshaws are getting increasingly popular. This could be due to their eco-friendly nature. The Delhi government is doing everything within its powers to let the world know that this isn’t just one of the best innovations, but also it is completely safe for the environment. These are vehicles that work based on electricity. They can be charged after some time to ensure they keep functioning. Their capacities may be small, but the safety that they bring definitely makes up for such shortcoming.

E rickshaws Saving Nature: Best 10 Eco-Friendly Transport Types - 1 Eco-Friendly Transport

E rickshaws 2 Saving Nature: Best 10 Eco-Friendly Transport Types - 2 Eco-Friendly Transport

2 Mahindra e2o zero-emission

This car seems to be getting better and better every year. It is an upgraded version of the popular REVAi. Just as its name implies, it doesn’t produce any emission because it makes use of batteries (48-volt lithium ion) to function. Once the batteries are fully charged, the car will be able to cover 100km. There is also the regenerative braking system which ensures that the range of the car is boosted. Some of the innovations of Mahindra are Revive and Sun2Car. Once the Sun2Car is parked, its e2o can be charged.

Mahindra e2o electric car Saving Nature: Best 10 Eco-Friendly Transport Types - 3 Eco-Friendly Transport

Mahindra e2o zero emission car 2 Saving Nature: Best 10 Eco-Friendly Transport Types - 4 Eco-Friendly Transport

3 Hybrid Electric Bus

The introduction of hybrid buses is only a sign that it is possible for technology to go even beyond the manufacturing of clean fuel for the safety of the human environment. These buses are perfect when it comes to transportation within the same city. The parallel hybrid engine is what makes them work. It comprises electric motor and combustion CNG engine. The storage system it makes use of is regenerative energy. According to experts, this form of transportation is the least polluting amongst others.

Hybrid Electric Bus Saving Nature: Best 10 Eco-Friendly Transport Types - 5 Eco-Friendly Transport

Hybrid Electric Bus 2 Saving Nature: Best 10 Eco-Friendly Transport Types - 6 Eco-Friendly Transport

4 Delhi Metro

The best part about this railway project is the fact that it has been recognized by the UNO. Its use of the regenerative braking system ensures that Delhi Metro is eco-friendly. Regenerative braking process ensures that anytime brakes are applied on the metro network, electrical energy will be produced by 3 phase-traction motors which have been installed on the trains. Regenerated electrical energy will then get resupplied to the OHE which other accelerating trains are making use of in similar service line. This helps to save energy.

Delhi Metro Saving Nature: Best 10 Eco-Friendly Transport Types - 7 Eco-Friendly Transport

Delhi Metro 2 Saving Nature: Best 10 Eco-Friendly Transport Types - 8 Eco-Friendly Transport

5 Tata Fuel Cell Bus

Tata motors have manufactured automobile buses which are powered by hydrogen after some series of researches over the years. These are CNG form of buses. It ensures that hydrogen is stored or preserved in a compressed form. It tends to combine or work with oxygen in the air for electricity to be generated. Its only emission is water vapor. With the electricity produced, the battery which powers the bus can be charged easily. There are fuel cells which have been combined into fuel stacks and placed at the back of the bus.

Tata Fuel Cell Bus 2 Saving Nature: Best 10 Eco-Friendly Transport Types - 9 Eco-Friendly Transport

Tata Fuel Cell Bus Saving Nature: Best 10 Eco-Friendly Transport Types - 10 Eco-Friendly Transport

6 PRT Pod Cars

These forms of eco-friendly transport systems aren’t used in lots of countries around the world at the moment. Experts have predicted that in the nearest future, cars will be eliminated by Passenger Rapid Transport (PRT) system. These vehicles don’t only move on specific tracks but are automated. They are like personal taxis which carry people to various locations within such tracks.

PRT Pod Car Saving Nature: Best 10 Eco-Friendly Transport Types - 11 Eco-Friendly Transport

PRT Pod Cars Saving Nature: Best 10 Eco-Friendly Transport Types - 12 Eco-Friendly Transport

7 Carpooling

This may sound strange, but it has been discovered that it can help to reduce the carbon emission in the environment. Through carpooling, the vehicles that are supposed to be on the road will be reduced, thereby lowering the rates of emission significantly. You can try it out with friends today while embarking on a journey.

Carpooling woman driving car Saving Nature: Best 10 Eco-Friendly Transport Types - 13 Eco-Friendly Transport

Carpooling car Saving Nature: Best 10 Eco-Friendly Transport Types - 14 Eco-Friendly Transport

8 Using public transport

This is a great way to reduce pollution in the environment. As a matter of fact, it has been discovered that subways and metros lower emission rate by over 70%. They can also help in reducing the rate of congestion on the road. Lots of cities are beginning to adopt the idea of using electric buses. They make use of fuel cells or batteries, thereby producing a reduced amount of emissions.

New York subway Saving Nature: Best 10 Eco-Friendly Transport Types - 15 Eco-Friendly Transport

electric buses Saving Nature: Best 10 Eco-Friendly Transport Types - 16 Eco-Friendly Transport

9 Elf

The elf vehicle is one innovation that most people are yet to discover. The amazing part is that it goes beyond helping you live in an environment that is free of carbon emission. This is because it can also be fun. You will be impressed with its sustainable components. It doesn’t just come with solar panels but also has been designed using various recycled products. You can decide to get the one of two-seater or one – seater depending on your budget. After that, just move to any location you want around town. It is quite enjoyable.

Elf vehicle Saving Nature: Best 10 Eco-Friendly Transport Types - 17 Eco-Friendly Transport

Elf vehicle 2 Saving Nature: Best 10 Eco-Friendly Transport Types - 18 Eco-Friendly Transport

10 Eco-Pod

Eco-Pods may be new since there isn’t much research and information about them at the moment. However, they can prove to be an eco-friendly option of transportation that you can explore today. There are claims that they can get about two people housed for 12 months. They have been built with wind turbines and solar panels. There is also a water filtration system which uses rainwater to function. Using them to travel around is very comfortable since they come with lots of items.

eco pod transportation Saving Nature: Best 10 Eco-Friendly Transport Types - 19 Eco-Friendly Transport

eco pod living vehicle Saving Nature: Best 10 Eco-Friendly Transport Types - 20 Eco-Friendly Transport

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