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Ebay Domains! Bid for the Success of Your Domain Name

Interesting and commercial domain names that suits to any kind of business are quite tricky to find and buy. If you are looking for a place to sell domain names then eBay might be a great solution. Ebay is a very adapting market place because it can adapt to almost every kind of business. Let’s see how domain name sellers can be successful using eBay as a place of trading and not get disappointed by the result.

Firstly, before selling domains on eBay you have to purchase them. You should know some tricks before making this move like choosing short names for the domains. Don’t choose more than eleven characters unless you have thought of two great words that put together would generate a great name.

Be careful! Don’t let the illusion of quick thousands dollars earnings to control your mind. It is almost impossible. There are eBayers who try to sell their domain names for even thousands of dollars but there are no bids for them. So pay attention to this fact. Don’t register useless domain names because you will get stuck with them. There will also be missing a couple hundred dollars from your budget.

Secondly, you must think about ‘branding’ when purchasing domains, so think smart. It is not enough to have a short name because it also must have a meaning for the buyer and a great sound. It must impress the buyer and there must be a concordance between the name of the domain and the personality of the buyer. Let’s take for example floozy.com, dumpy.com, weezy.com and so on. These are names sold on ebay for more than 70 dollars. You can see that those names have a special sound, a special pronunciation, they easy suit to a buyer and they are also short in character.

Thirdly you should consider if whether you choose a dot com domain or not. Dot com domains are the most sought after. They will probably remain like that for a while, so it is recommended to choose dot com (.com) until you totally understand how branding and other extensions work.

After you found a domain name, once purchased you can sell it. For example, you can use free software like “Domain Samurai” which help you find new and aged domain names fast and easy.

After purchasing, place your auction on ebay and keep in mind that the price should be reasonable. The lower the price is the more bids you will have from bidders who became tempted seeing the price. The more bids you have the higher the price gets, even higher than your expectations. Thought, if the price is too low it could cost you money. The start price your auction should be set on is the middle ground between investment and reasonableness.


In conclusion, bare in mind the facts presented above. It is a great opportunity to be successful because this is a great market and you will understand it better in the future if you don’t give up. Study the market with patience, be careful when purchasing domain names and be optimistic.


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