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Easyspace.com Hosting review!

About the product


EasySpace.com is a hosting management which provides domain, web design, email management and dedicated servers. Unlike other hosting providers, EasySpace.com does not have a ready-made package. They let their customers design a package that totally fits their needs. This gives freedom to their customers to construct their domains without limits. They can build according to what they need and want to have in their page. They do not have a boarder-line in which they should pattern their domain construction. It feels like an absolute freedom!

The best thing about EasySpace.com is how they manage emails. With the growing number of gadgets in which you can open your email, you should have a domain provider which can conform to any techie thing you use to access your inbox.

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What are the services?

They provide a lot of awesome services like domain names, web hosting, web design, virtual servers and dedicated servers. The best feature they give, which I am using now, is Logic3. I was surprised on how efficiently it manages emails. It does it so well that I never thought anybody can do it much better than this. It makes highly resilient email and full accessories. It has a very large mailbox of 1GB size that enables me to keep previous email correspondence to a multitude of clients and still have plenty of room for more incoming ones. I can use my smart phone to access it anywhere I am because they have a webmail and mobile friendly property. It makes checking out my emails fast and up-to-date. It filters emails from contacts to non-contacts. It also has an anti-virus feature which makes me confident that my mailbox is well-protected.

In addition to that, EasySpace.com gives free webmail setup and Microsoft outlook 2007 and Microsoft Exchange which makes me sync my calendar with my clients and employees.


How the product works?

This product works so great in its very simple way. It makes emailing very efficient. I never had a misplaced email since the day I used the product. Every email correspondence I had with my clients is well managed. My inbox is intact with no unnecessary contents. No spam mails can enter my domain. Everything that I received is right here, clean and categorized. This makes responding to my clients easier. With their mobile friendly feature, I can quickly reach my clients without my personal computer in handy with my very own domain name. I’m very satisfied!

They also have an additional sync of calendars for me and my employees. We are able to move harmoniously and hold meetings at our very convenient time.


What advantages I gained from this?

I got quick and constant correspondence with my clients which increased my gain. With a very reliable email hosting, I was able to respond quickly to my clients’ orders. This made them felt their value and how important they are to me. My business relationship with them became steady and well established. Thanks for the Logic3 email hosting of EasySpace.com. I’m really well pleased with their service. I was able to make my clients happy because of their superb service.


What are the disadvantages?

The email service is not searchable. I do hope that they will optimize their email service with searchable and retrievable options.


Are there any discounts and bonuses?

Of course, EasySpace.com is very generous to give 50% off on the regular prices of all domains. You can choose from .me, .info, .eu, .uk, co.uk and .com. You can check with their domain name analyzer if the domain name you like is already registered.


Are there money back guarantees?

If you want to try their product, they offer 30-day trial with money back guarantee. Within 30 days, they were able to prove their potential on handling domain hosting and email management. I was impressed by the efficiency they give. And speaking about my emails, I



Speaking as a business person, I’m really pleased with EasySpace.com management to my web Hosting needs. Personally, I need a large email to keep contact with my clients, a sync calendar with my employees and a PC power performance to my smartphone so I can still check on them while traveling. All these things are well provided by EasySpace.com.

I highly recommend this web hosting management.

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