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EasyAzon review – What You Should Avoid!

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About The EasyAzon Plugin:

Easy Azon is a new WP plugin that was designed to help internet marketers to add Amazon affiliate links with high conversion rates to blogs within seconds.

This plugin is developed by Chris Guthrie, who is an internet entrepreneur and well-known for creating successful products like the Niche Profit Course. Chris states that within two years he was able to earn more than $90,000 in commission from Amazon affiliate links. So, this plugin should stand out from others.


Easy Azon Features Review:

Since this product is fairly new I was hesitant to try it, but so far I am not disappointed with the results. Easy Azon comes with features that will allow you to monetize a blog easily, even without experience.

You will be able to create Amazon affiliate links in a matter of seconds, plus these links can be modified based on the country.

With an opportunity to choose links for image, text or product information blocks, you can follow three simple steps to add the affiliate links.


How The Easy Azon Plugin Works:

Easy Azon wp plugin really made it easy for me to add Amazon links to posts. After logging in into my WordPress blog, I could do a quick search within the dashboard section to find products using targeted keyword and then select the affiliate link, press insert and that’s it.

If you have tried to do this in the past, then you will know that the process can be time consuming. You would have go to Amazon site; sign in; find a specific product; modify the text for the affiliate link; leave Amazon site; return to your post and then insert it. The process would be twice as long and more complicated if you are getting image links since Amazon won’t allow you to hotlink the images to get affiliate links.


What Makes EasyAzon Plugin Different:

What makes this plugin appealing is that you can choose between product information blocks, text links or image links. This makes it easy for you to choose the best option to match your WordPress theme.

Another perk is that the affiliate links can be modified based on the location of visitors. While using the product, it was obvious that the international visitors were more likely to make a purchase whenever they have links going to their own Amazon sites. As you can imagine, this will help to generate more traffic and boost your earnings.

Easy Azon plugin is fairly affordable because you are only required to pay a onetime fee in the amount of $47. This is good since you don’t have to pay extra for monthly fees or yearly renewals.


What I didn’t Like in The Easy Azon wp-plugin:

The biggest drawback is that this is only a plugin, so after creating the Amazon affiliate links to your site you have to come with a marketing strategy to earn money from the links.



There is a 60 day money back guarantee offer that you can take advantage of, if you are not satisfied with the outcome.


 Bonus Or EasyAzon Discount Offers:

Easy Azon plugin can be purchased at a discounted price of $47, which offers access to a universal license as an extra perk so that you can use it on all your sites or blogs.


 Final Conclusion:

I would definitely recommend Easy Azon wordpress plugin to anyone who is looking for a plugin that will allow them to post affiliate links with high conversion rates on WordPress blogs or websites.

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