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Easy Tricks to Remove a Tight Finger Ring

You may want to remove your tight ring because it has become boring for you and want to change it or because it is too tight to the extent that it bothers you and does not allow you to freely move your finger. The solution of this problem is to remove this ring, but how to do it while you are unable to even move the ring on your finger? Removing a ring which is stuck on your finger is not impossible or even difficult as you can easily do it trough following easy tricks and methods. Some of these tricks are really easy and do not require using special equipment or even medical training to remove your tight ring, while there are other ways that require exerting a little effort and can be considered as a last resort when you fail to remove your ring by following the easy tricks.


What are these easy methods & tricks?

♦ Raise your hand: Get rid of any swelling and allow the blood to drain from the tissues of your finger with the tight ring through raising your hand above the level of your heart. Keep your hand up until you succeed to remove the ring and this is the easiest way to remove a ring.


♦ Use ice: Using ice cubes or ice and water for about 10 to 20 minutes allows you to cool you finger and facilitates the process of removing your ring but keep your hand up.


♦ Oil, cream and soap: Make your finger slippery through adding mineral or baby oil, cream or even soap to the finger with the tight ring. Soap may irritate your skin and make it dry but it still helps to make your finger slippery.


♦ Compressing the finger: Try to compress the part of your finger in front of the ring while you are raising your hand. Compress your finger by using the fingers of the free hand or through using thin and strong string such as dental floss and wrapping it tightly around your finger in front of the ring and slide the ring over the dental floss or string. You have to quickly finish this step in order not to cause numbness or stop blood circulation to your finger.


♦ Using a cutter or saw: It is the last resort to use a cutter if you failed to remove the stuck ring through following the previous safe and easy tricks and methods. Do not try to cut your ring on your own in order not injure your finger and instead of that try to ask another one such as the jeweler who is skillful to do it for you.



– Injuries: If your finger is injured, you will need medical help as soon as possible.

– Do not remove your ring: If your finger is purple or blue because of the tight ring, then it is recommended to completely avoid removing your ring on your own in order not to harm or injure your finger. It is necessary in this case to use cutter for removing the ring.

– Keeping your hand up while trying to remove your ring will help you to make the finger temporarily thinner which allows you to easily remove the stuck ring.


– Do not struggle trying to force the ring to be removed from your finger because it increases the problem and makes it worse than it actually is.

– Wait for at least 30 minutes after each attempt to start trying removing your ring again.

– Do not leave spaces between the coils while wrapping the strong string or dental floss around your finger in order not to create bulges that can prevent the ring from being removed.


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