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Easy Tricks to Make Your Diamond Look Larger

It is really a big problem to find yourself unable to purchase the fascinating engagement ring that your beloved dreams of. You feel that you are frustrated because you cannot satisfy your partner and cannot bring her the diamond ring that she wants. The main cause of this problem is that your beloved wants her diamond engagement ring to be better and larger than the other engagement rings that she saw before especially those diamond engagement rings of her friends. You will find yourself unable to please her because you may be on a budget and do not have enough money to purchase an impressive engagement ring with a large diamond. So, what should you do? Should you bring her the diamond engagement ring that you afford and make her disappointed or you should spend all the money that you have and borrow more money to purchase the engagement ring that your beloved dreams of? You do not need to make any of these choices because there are some tricks that can help you to make the diamond in your engagement ring look larger than it is in reality. Are you curious about these tricks? Let’s discover them.

1. Low in color and clarity: Some women appreciate the size of the diamond more than the clarity or color. If you are one of those women, then you can purchase a large diamond which is lesser in quality or color.

2. Halo setting or pave setting: Choosing a halo setting or pave setting gives the illusion that the center stone is large because it is surrounded by other stones which are smaller in their sizes. The halo setting is even better and makes the center stone look larger than its actual size because this center stone is raised to capture more light and to be higher than the other surrounding stones which makes the halo rings very popular nowadays.

3. Shallow diamond: Most of the diamonds that are sold are deep diamonds and this is because they are preferred by most of the women who believe that the light refraction in these deep diamonds is better than shallow diamonds. This is why most of the people avoid purchasing engagement rings with shallow diamonds in which the light goes out of the back.

You can wear a shallow diamond that has a large surface and this makes your diamond engagement ring look larger, but what about the problem of light refraction? You can solve this problem through choosing the right setting that provides enough light to make your shallow diamond shiny like other deep diamonds that we usually see.

4. Slim band: Choosing a slim band attracts the attention to the diamond which is placed at the center of the ring.

5. Bezel setting: Those diamond stones which are in a bezel setting are surrounded by a rim that enhances them and make them look larger than their actual size.

6. Cathedral setting: This setting raises the center diamond stone to be high above the band of the engagement ring.

7. Fancy shapes: Those diamond stones which are not round in their shapes are called fancy shaped diamond stones. Fancy shapes such as pear, oval, heart, marquise and other shapes which are not round look larger in their size than the traditional round stones that have the same weight. Fancy shaped diamond stones are also cheaper than round stones because they are not highly demanded.

“You have to bear in mind that the size of the diamond engagement ring is not everything and you have to look for the ring that you love since it will last with you forever”