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36 Easiest Feather Nail Art Designs

Whether you’ve heard about this nail art design or not, it’s not too enigmatic for you to figure out. Actually, it’s a design implying painting colorful feathers on your fingernails. However, in order to do their justice, put the feathers properly. Here, we provide you with the list of all the stuff you need to polish your nail effectively along with a pool of ideas for you to pick from. The design comes with the tutorial for guidance.

Firstly, this is a list of the things you need

1 You need a base coat as well as a topcoat for your nails. Look for a topcoat that demonstrates your perfectly selected nail designs and embellishments.


2 White or black nail polish, as basic coats, are the perfect choices; they project the contrast between the coat color and the top colors to provide your nail with the perfect look.


3 Prepare your personal scissors and tiny feathers for crafting purposes.

feather nail art, easy toothpick design 2

4 And finally, use a toothpick.


As a matter of fact, these are the essential tools you need to create as many designs as you desire. Once you master the basic scheme of the feather nail art design, you’ll handle crafting different decorations and adding embellishments and glitter on your own.

Hence, here’s the main method required for mastering:

At First, you have to polish your nails with a decent layer of the base coat. Then,  you may repeat the action, yet you have to wait until it fully dries. Then, polishing the first layer, prepare yourself the second one. After these two layers fully dry, polish your nails with the top coat, and place the feather on your nail bed, before the layer coat dries. Make sure your nails are proper, before polishing another layer of the top coat. Then, the process of letting it dry will begin. Moreover, these are all the steps needed for creating a feather nail art design, but if you do not like the feathery material, used for crafting, you can use a thin nail polish brush to draw it yourself, only if you’re capable of doing this, or otherwise, you are going to mess things up.

Eventually, Those are the steps needed for a feather nail art design. However, if you do not prepare the feathery material used for crafting, you may use a thin nail polish brush to draw it yourself. Just make sure you handle it! Here is a tutorial of the feather nail art. Take a look, and then, go ahead and create what suits you and if you, heartedly, know the method, don’t pause if you want to create your own design.










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