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How to Easily & Quickly Turn a Photo into a Painting

Those happy moments that we rarely experience in our short life deserve to be appreciated and immortalized. They are very short and are quickly forgotten and this is why you have to know how to protect them to keep them memorable forever. You can do this in various ways but the best and most common way to do this is to capture impressive photographs or create fascinating paintings. Capturing photographs is easy for most of us thanks to the new technology and built-in cameras that we all have in our mobile phones. Painting is also impressive and believed to be more effective and fascinating than taking photos. So, what do you think of immortalizing your special and happy moments in both ways. Yes, you can simply do this when you turn a photo into a painting.

♦ Professional painters cannot paint those special moments in life on their own

Painting is undoubtedly amazing but not easy like taking photographs. Those artists who have the ability to create stunning paintings are not just talented. They are also professional persons who are really experienced, know what they do and have the ability to dazzle us through their creative paintings. However, they cannot quickly paint those special and happy moments in life once they happen. On the contrary, photography allows us to capture the right moments that deserve to be immortalized. So, how can we solve this problem? The only way to paint those special moments is to photograph them and then turn the photos into paintings.

Turning photos into paintings is not something new 

What you do not know is that turning photos into paintings is not a new trend that has recently appeared or a creative and unique idea that has been presented by modern painters to increase their income. It was in the 19th century when such a creative idea came to life. “Impressionists”, a group of Paris-based artists, were the first to use photographs for creating stunning paintings. They decided to take their painting to a higher level and refused to follow the traditional way in European painting. Some of the most famous impressionists include Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Toulouse Lautrec, Paul Gauguin, Edgar Degas, Paul Cezanne, and Alphonse Mucha, just to name a few.

Gustave Courbet’s masterpiece “The Wave”

♦ Using new technology for turning photos into paintings

You can easily record what happens and immortalize those special moments in your life by using your camera. But, how are you going to create paintings out of these photographs on your own? There are several ways through which you can turn a photo into a painting. You can easily use Adobe Photoshop to apply artistic filters from the Filter Gallery to your images to finally give them a hand-painted look. This does not take a long time and you do not need to be talented or experienced to finally get your photos turned into paintings using Adobe Photoshop.

♦ Resorting to the talented painters for getting the stunning paintings you dream of 

It is widely believed that painters only depend on their imagination and live models to create their paintings. In fact, some modern artists still use photographs like Impressionists for creating their paintings. If you do not have the ability to create your paintings on your own and do not like the idea of using Adobe Photoshop for turning your photos into paintings, then you have to resort to those online painters.

There are several websites that have too many professional and talented artists from around the world. Such websites allow you to choose the artist you like, depending on his\her work, to turn your photo into a fabulous painting. You can also present these paintings as fascinating gifts that are more impressive than others for being personalized. The prices differ according to what will be painted, the size of the painting and the type of artwork.


Why to immortalize your memories just through photos, while you can get them painted as well?