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The Main Caviar Manicure Creative Way to Apply in 2018

Caviar is food, we all know this for sure. But it turned out to have more uses than just eating. There is a brand new design for nails polishing techniques called the Caviar manicure or Black Pearls’ Set. And to make this clear, you do not literally dip your hands into an actual caviar, but it is a design that looks like if you actually did. Here are the tools you need to groom yourself with a new nail polish design.

Things you will need to apply caviar nail polish:

Initially, you are going to need the basic supplies for applying any nail polish design; a top coat, and a base one. You’ll also need an adequate color of nail polish, or a transparent one if you’re going to make all your nails in caviar, and tiny black glittery beads that look like a set of black pearls.

Preparing your hands for applying caviar nail polish:

Before starting your journey to beautifying your own hands, you need to soak your hand in warm water and remove any old polish, if there is any. And make sure not to leave any stains behind while cleaning your nail beds. Now that your nails and freshly cleaned, apply a layer of the base coat, and wait for it to dry. Then apply a thin layer of the nail polish you picked up, whether the colored one or the transparent one. You will now have to wait for about half an hour or whole hour, in order to make sure that your polish has totally dried up.

The process of applying caviar nail polish:

Then comes the time of applying your glittery micro beads; first pour some of the pearls somewhere easy-to-reach, because you are going to need them as soon as you apply the new layer of the nail polish. And, by the way, they do not have to be only black pearls, you can use as many other colors as you wish to. Right after you apply the later, wait for few seconds, but not too long that the coat totally dries up, and then drench your nail beds with the black pearls, as soon as you can, so they would get stuck into the polish. Press these beads down on your nail to secure their places, but make sure your finger is dry, so these beads don’t stick into it. Give them some time to dry before you apply another layer of the top coat at the edges of your nail beds.
Now your nails are ready to show themselves off, just make sure you don’t use your hand mindlessly, for it would be so frustrating if your exerted effort vanish as soon or as quickly.