Easiest 7 Ways to Get Rid of Beauty Marks

They are called beauty marks; they are symbols of exquisiteness and prettiness. However, most people look for different ways to get rid of them. Well, some people confuse those beauty marks with moles, but they are a whole different thing; however, they look a bit similar. Beauty marks are actually hyperpigmented skin that is highly recommended to be treated with these Dermala skin pads and this skin cream.

Unlike the moles, those beauty marks have a rough texture instead of a smooth one. In some cases, people call them birthmarks instead of beauty. The reason behind the naming is the fact that they exist at birth and sometimes a few weeks later.

Most people would love to remove them for cosmetic reasons. While in most cases you don’t have to remove them, there are other times when you’re obliged to. Sometimes, but rarely, those marks become cancerous. It is always recommended to check with your doctor to make sure nothing is serious. Anyhow, if you happen to have a beauty mark, or even more, you can lighten or remove them in a lot of easy ways. Just be patient as they usually take time.

1 Apple Cider Vinegar & Lemon Juice

You have probably read that a lot. Lemon is popular in fighting pigmentation with its exceptional properties. The juice of this fruit is too acidic, so it has the properties of bleaching. Thus, you can surely use it on your beauty mark. However, don’t expect it to go away entirely, but will be significantly lightened. Being lighten will definitely make it less noticeable to everyone. But, you may need to mix lemon with other elements to make it more effective; go for apple cider vinegar.

You need to squeeze the fresh juice of one or two lemons. You can rub it directly on your birthmark, but, that way, you will need to use this method twice a day and be patient until it lightens. For a faster and more effective method, mix it with apple cider vinegar, as we previously mentioned. Use a cotton ball to apply the mixture. Use this method every day for some time before you expect to see a difference. Removal with lemon juice is one of the most common beauty mark reduction methods.

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2 Onion Juice

Yes, we usually go for natural remedies. They are as effective as chemical sources; however, they may take longer. Here is one more natural remedy: onion juice. Well, they do not have the best odor, but you don’t have to drink it or eat, no worries. You won’t even need to use it in large pieces. You’ll need a few drops. Apply those drops to your beauty mark on a daily basis. Keep the routine for at least a month straight, and you’ll realize the pigment would start to diminish. You can also add other ingredients to fasten the process. Add either a cauliflower juice or sour apple.

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3 Flaxseed Oil & Honey

Honey has the same lightening properties as lemon juice. Combine honey with flaxseed oil until a thick paste is formed. Before applying the paste, use hot water on your mole. Let it dry on its own. Afterward, use a cotton ball to apply the thick paste to the needed area. Some people dip the cotton ball into an apple cider vinegar as well before applying it to your mole-like patch. Once you apply the paste, let it sit for up to ten minutes or more before washing it off. It is better to wash it with cold water rather than lukewarm water.

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4 Ginger Paste & Extract of Grapefruit

Grapefruit is a citric fruit that has the same acidic properties as lemon. Mix the ginger paste with the extract of grapefruit and grind them together. You can also add a few drops of lemon juice for a more powerful mixture. A lot of sources have confirmed the effectiveness of this mixture. You need to apply it every day for a quite long period before you start noticing any differences. Some people only use ginger paste for the treatment. If you decide to go for this method instead, leave the paste on your beauty mark overnight. If you’re afraid the paste might get wasted during your sleep, apply a bandage to keep it intact.

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 Other Unnatural Methods to Remove Beauty Marks 

Well, people are different, and some methods may work with some but with others, they may not. The effectiveness of those natural methods may not work with everyone. If you happen to try any of them, but your attempts ended with failure, you may need to have a medical interference. Here are some easy surgical methods to get your beauty marks eliminated for good.

1 Scalpel

Scalpel is nearly equivalent to shaving the excess part of the skin off, but with medical care. Don’t try to use this at home; it has to be under the supervision of a professional surgeon. Risking doing this method on your own can lead to unneeded complications like infection or even bleeding. Besides, it would cause great pain. This method is used on medium-sized beauty marks. The patient needs to get an anesthetic before the removal to keep the pain at bay.

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2 Laser Therapy

Fairly small birthmarks usually require laser therapy to be removed. It doesn’t get away overnight; in fact, you may need more than a few sessions for complete removal. That could be a bit pricey, but if the case is serious, it is worth the cost.

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3 Surgical Excision

If the mole-like patch is a bit big, the other two methods may not work. So, you’d need a surgical excision where a surgeon removes the excess skin by cutting it out. Stitching is done right after the mole is removed. The downside of this surgical method is that the stitching may leave scars. It depends on the type of your skin, but some scars may stay for good, but others can fade away with time.

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You’re definitely free to do whatever you want with your body as long as you’re not harming it. But, be sure that whether you removed your beauty marks or not, you’re beautiful just the way you are. Learn to love yourself in all its shapes and forms. After all, they are called beauty for a reason.

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