Dyson V10 Animal Review

If you have pets, you know you need a good vacuum to take care of the messes and hair that is often left behind. Even if you have wood floors, you need decent suction to pick up all the debris and leave your wood shining. Here is a review on the Dyson V10 Animal vacuum.

The Dyson Animal vacuum has an impressive handled with a 60-minute run-time per charge. This vacuum works well on all floor types, boasting suction power, even on carpet. It’s lightweight and since it’s cordless, it’s ideal for cleaning the stairs. It also has several accessories which increase its versatility as a cordless vacuum. A few downsides about this vacuum is that it can be awkward to hold and is on the more expensive side for this style of cleaner.

Dyson-Animal-accessories Dyson V10 Animal Review

Amazing Canister Volume

The V10 has recently been remodeled and was beautifully styled. The trigger is easy to use as it’s located just under the handle, making it ideal for quick on/off function. It also has quite a large dustbin, which can be emptied with the push of a button, but you won’t have to empty it very often as this can hold a bit of debris. This model also comes in a few different color options to choose from, all of which are bright, modern and fun.

Canister-Volume Dyson V10 Animal Review

Brush Heads

There are two separate brush heads available, a soft one that is safe for sweeping hardwood and tile and will not cause any scratches, and a motorized brush head for any messes that require agitation. There are also a variety of accessories that come with (and others that can be purchased) for the V10 that allow it to get into crevices and dust.

Brush-Heads-675x380 Dyson V10 Animal Review

Great for All Floor Types

This model is fantastic if you have a variety of flooring in your home. One brush easily cleans hardwood and tile while the other does an amazing job on carpet and rugs. If you have carpeted staircases in your home, you are going to love the ability to do them colorless with this model, it makes cleaning even the largest of staircases a breeze, and it’s lightweight enough that you will not be tired carrying it up and down.

dyson-v10-animal-for-All-Floor-Types Dyson V10 Animal Review

This is a fantastic little vacuum for both large and small messes. It’s lightweight and portable. Its canister is large enough to hold quite a bit of dust and debris without the need for frequent emptying of the bin and it comes in some fantastic bright and bold colors. This mini machine also boasts incredible staying power, with a battery that will last for approximately 60 minutes of continuous use, leaving you plenty of time to clean what you need when you need to do it. The convenient charging port also acts as a dock for when not in use for the convenience of storage. Don’t be turned off by the price tag, this vacuum delivers exactly what it claims to and will likely last you for years to come.

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