7 Tips to Draw Stunning Eyes

Drawing the human eyes in a way that others will consider to be stunning doesn’t have to be technical or confusing. What is required is the right way on how to go about the process without any hassle. Pouted magazine shows you some of the most powerful tips to draw stunning eyes. You will be amazed at how easy this can be.

1 Drawing the eye

For a start, human eyes have various parts that you may be required to include during such a drawing process. However, your starting point will be drawing the upper eye and lower eye. It is simple unless you have decided to make this process complicated. For instance, to draw the upper eye, just arc it. For the lower eye, draw an arc that is turned upside down. Both the upper eye arc and lower eye arc should be made to touch each other. After that, just have a circle drawn inside of both arcs. Did you see how easy it is to draw stunning eyes?

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2 Outlining the eye’s shape

This is probably the first thing you need to remember in your bid to draw stunning eyes. It is the stage whereby you have to carefully sketch the eyes. Just be patient as it may not be perfect at first. However, after several sketches, you will arrive at something which looks very realistic. You will need an HB pencil in to do a proper job of outlining. Ensure that it isn’t too dark so that it doesn’t show through eventually. The basic eye shape is what will require outlining here.

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3 Using the right pencils

Without the right HB pencil, you may struggle to draw stunning eyes. This is one hidden secret that most beginners are yet to discover. While you need an HB pencil for the above steps, a 6B pencil is required for filling the pupil. Without the right tools at your disposal, it becomes very difficult to draw a realistic eye. Pencils are very important if you want to carry out a perfect shading that people can admire. A colored pencil will also be needed. Other tools that are needed could be a pencil sharpener, eraser, 5B pencil, 4B pencil, 2B pencil, and blended stump.

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4 Avoid being hard

There is something most beginners in the world of drawing are yet to understand. This is the fact that no work is 100% perfect. This means there is every chance that your work will always need some adjustments to improve. For instance, avoid the temptation of pressing your 6B pencil too hard while shading the pupils. This will ensure you don’t find it hard making corrections when your drawings have gotten to an advanced stage. It can make your final work to appear very clumsy.

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5 Softening the shadows

This is very important as it can make the eye look more realistic. The reason why most people draw eyes that others don’t consider is that the shadows have not to be softened. Even when they have, such hasn’t been done properly. This is where you will need the blended stump mentioned above. It is even possible to have them blended into the center.

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6 Avoid perfection

This is one mistake that has kept lots of people from getting on with the process of having to draw stunning eyes. Don’t always aim for perfection since your work will need some editing at the final phase. As a beginner, it is only normal that you won’t get it right the first time. Therefore, try to be patient with the various processes required to ensure that your drawings are engaging to people. Don’t ever fill intimidated with these processes since they can be handled by anyone. Determination and perseverance are the watchwords here.

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7 The research formula

Some experts have made some powerful suggestions to help beginners draw stunning eyes over the years. Although these have been very helpful, some people can’t seem to grab the concepts. There is one proven way to learn how to master the art of drawing human eyes very fast. This is checking how others have been drawn.  The easiest way is to watch instructional videos on how to get it right even as a newbie in the world of art. This strategy can easily help you master the art of drawing.

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