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You may think that you need to improve yourself in order to be able to change your life and cope with the surrounding circumstances and changes, but how are you going to do that while you do not even know the basics of self-improvement. You may have tried to do several attempts, purchase many programs, attend different seminars, but none of them helped you to succeed and achieve your goal which wastes your money, time and effort and make you get frustrated and disappointed. You may think that it is your fault and you did not succeed because you are unsuccessful, but in fact it is not yours. The sources of information that you resort to are not comprehensive and precise enough to allow you to find the right way for improving yourself and making your dreams come true. One of the best programs that can help you to achieve what you want and control your life is The Secret of Deliberate Creation.

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“The Secret of Deliberate Creation” is presented to you by Dr. Robert Anthony who is a best-selling author Master Hypnotist, International Trainer and Personal Performance Consultant. He has been spending more than 30 years training and helping other people to handle the problems that they encounter in their life and to make their dreams come true through achieving their ambitions to live a happy and satisfactory life.


The best way for judging programs, principles, strategies or techniques to decide whether they are beneficial and can work for you or not is to certify your results. Some self-improvement experts may tell you that all what you need to achieve your ambitions and make your dreams come true is to set and decide your intention, think positively, believe that you will get what you want and repeat it for a long time until you get what you want. Following this approach is not enough for achieving your dreams, it is considered to be just a part of what should be done to get your ambitions deliberately created.


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Transforming thoughts into physical results and achieving goals depends on what is called alignment. Alignment occurs on two levels; the first one is with the laws of Quantum Physics and it means that what you get depends on how you think and what your emotions are, so if you think and feel positively, your positive thoughts and emotions will attract good and positive things and vice versa. The second level is related to your conscious and subconscious mind as their intentions and desires must be in alignment or must be the same. If there is a conflict between the desires of your conscious and subconscious mind, you will fail to achieve what you seek for even if you tried to trick yourself because you will not be able to do it for a long time.


The program helps you to know how to get what you want at any time you prefer and for any reason whatever it is with the ability of certifying your results. It shows you how to control your life, how to get rid of the unconscious obstacles that prevent you from achieving progress and getting what you want, ignore all the beliefs that limit your ambitions and dreams, provides you with the principles and processes of manifestation, presents all the ideas, examples and exercises that are essential for transforming your life.


The Secret of Deliberate Creation course comes to you in the form of six audio CDs that include the principles and processes of manifestation. The six audio CDs deal with Quantum Physics, the Law of Attraction, the collective consciousness of others that affects your life, the best way for using your Natural Inner Guidance System, Flip Switch and its secret, who is your essential silent partner, the relation between heart and mind set, the way of knowing what you really want, the Law of Critical Mass which is about your creative magic energy, allowing and resisting, understanding time, removing self-sabotage and mental blocks that work as obstacles in the way of your success, the way of deciding the best and most suitable time for taking action and transforming your thoughts into real and physical forms, how to get rid of your excuses to take action and how to design your life.


The Secret of Deliberate Creation is highly recommended by most of those who tried to improve themselves through following it. They confirm that it is more beneficial, effective and powerful than other self-improvement programs. It helped them to dramatically change their life easily and quickly, to shape their future as they like and manifest what they want whatever it is and whenever they want. Through this program, they could change all the aspects of their life and not just one. It changed them emotionally, financially, spiritually and it also affected their relations with other people with whom they communicate.

The Secret of Deliberate Creation is offered for $167 plus $10 for shipping and handling. In addition to this course, you will also get “Quick Start Guarantee” which is a self-proving process that will help you to quickly earn your investment back and manifest the cost of the program and this means that you are not  going to lose anything because you will be enabled to get back what you paid before. You are going to get five secret envelopes with the six CDs and they are substantial for showing you the secrets of manifesting the cost of the program and there are also other seven books that come to you as additional bonuses for free plus “The Intention Activator” software that helps you to get rid of your bad habits, beliefs that limit your ambitions and assist you to get what you want.


The program is entirely guaranteed as it comes with a 365-day unconditional no weasel clauses guarantee. Such a guarantee helps you to try the program and make sure that it can work for you. If you find that the program is difficult to be followed, unable to change your life or if you even failed to apply the program to your life and follow its instructions, then you will get a full refund without being asked any question.

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