A Dog-Friendly Home Will Make You and Your Dog Happy

Between 18,800 and 32,100 years ago, humans domesticated wolves, and since then, these wolves that later evolved into the dogs that people now know and love have become a part of families around the world. Centuries of domestication and the love for these furry creatures came with a few adjustments on the side of modern humans, and it all started in their dwellings. Home designs were created to accommodate beloved dogs, and alterations were made to existing houses to ensure that said family members were safe and comfortable. With an estimated 70 million dogs living in the United States alone, it is safe to assume that millions of American households have integrated or are planning to integrate certain features in their homes to make sure that their furry family members are comfortable. So what makes a dog happy when it comes to home design?

A Dog Pantry? Yes!

A mini dog pantry inside your own pantry is a wonderful addition to your home as it will function as your dog’s personal storage area for all their food, medication, and essential vitamins. Pet nutrition is a primary concern for dog owners, and anyone with a dog knows that setting aside a space for all of these things is a top priority – not only for the sake of being organized but also so that you know when one item is almost out. Feeding your dogs the right food and giving them essential vitamins and minerals is important so they can live long and healthy lives. Keeping their nutrition-related stash in a safe and dry place is definitely a must. Once you have a dog pantry, you can stock up on immune and allergy chews, hemp oil for anxiety prevention, high-quality omega fatty acids, and other items that contribute to your dog’s health. Having a dog pantry will likely be one of the best features of your home because it is where all the goodies will be too. If you have a senior dog, this particular space will keep their hip and joint chews and senior dog vitamins among other essentials.

Dog-Pantry-675x675 A Dog-Friendly Home Will Make You and Your Dog Happy

Dog-Pantry-dog-eating-675x447 A Dog-Friendly Home Will Make You and Your Dog Happy

A Dog-Friendly Home Is a Happy Home

If you are planning to build a home that is dog-friendly, you need to take a look at certain additions to its design to make sure that your canine family member has the best life possible even when they are inside the home. This can include a rinsing station in your home’s entryway, for example, for those days when your dog decides to bathe in the mud. You can also integrate a built-in eating station under your kitchen sink and a cozy dog house for your dog under your kitchen island or staircase. You can even add a chic bathing area for your dog in your laundry room or a cozy nook right on your wall. A yard is also ideal for properties with enough space for your pup to run around.

Dog-Pantry-2 A Dog-Friendly Home Will Make You and Your Dog Happy

Having a well-designed home with organized shelves and nooks for your dog will make you and your dog very happy. Start living a more organized lifestyle by designing a beautiful dog-friendly home today.

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