How well do you think you know The Simpsons?

 How well do you think you know The Simpsons? 

Do you know how many times Homer has said his famous catchphrase ‘D’oh!’? Or even how old baby Maggie would be in real life?

Printing experts, Toner Giant have put together a fun infographic about the much-loved show that might just help you answer those questions and more.

The Simpsons have been on our screens since 1989, and have been watched by many all across the globe. Having ran 618 episodes across 28 seasons, it has been calculated that the entire word count for all the scripts used is 1,439,970 and if this was to be printed, would use 760 sheets of A4 paper!

The infographic goes into much more detail about the printing of The Simpsons and much more fun and interesting facts and figures.

Provided by Toner Giant

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