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Do You Know How to Create a Wedding Website?

One of the happiest moments that we like to share with all of those whom we know is wedding beginning with planning for it to the wedding day itself and after wedding also. You may have friends and relatives in different places around the world and this makes it difficult for you to share these happy moments with them and to ask them about their opinions on what you are going to do. The best way for sharing your wedding and its plans with all the people whom you know around the world without costing yourself a lot of money is to create your own wedding website that allows you to keep in touch with your friends and will help them to know the latest news about your wedding and your plans for that day. Your wedding website is not only useful for you, but it is also important and substantial for your guests who are out-of-town and live away from you as they need to know all the information about your wedding especially the date of your wedding early enough to be able to prepare themselves and make their essential arrangements.

slideshow Do You Know How to Create a Wedding Website?

* To create your wedding website, you will first need to:

– Start early: Start creating it early enough before your wedding day and it will be better for you to include it in your wedding plan to be scheduled like the other arrangements that you decided for your wedding and this will help you not to forget creating it or to start it late to be useless for you and your guests.

– Website builder: Decide the website builder that you are going to use to create your wedding website.

– Customize: Choose one of the templates and colors that are offered by the website builder to customize your wedding website and develop it according to what suits your taste.

– Photos: Pick up the photos that you are going to share with your guests and it will be more interesting to choose photos for the moments that gathered both of you. Add them to your wedding website to be more personalized.

couple Do You Know How to Create a Wedding Website?
Dating-tips-for-married-couples Do You Know How to Create a Wedding Website?

– Information: Provide the visitors of your website with your names, more information and details about you, your partner, your engagement, your wedding plans, the place of your wedding party, the date of the wedding and more information that you like to share with all of those whom you love.

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Rancho-Valencia-wedding Do You Know How to Create a Wedding Website?
WeddingPhotographerOxfordshire90 Do You Know How to Create a Wedding Website?

– Decide a place for guests: Determine the hotel at which your out-of-town guests will stay and make sure that it is close to the place of your wedding party.

– Links: It will be helpful to add links on your wedding website for your guests to allow them to get all the information that they need.

– Be accurate: Describe the places accurately in order to help your guests to get to them as quickly as possible without spending a long time and to allow them to arrive early.

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Courtyard_wedding Do You Know How to Create a Wedding Website?

– New information: Update the information on your website from time to time to always make the visitors of your website aware of your latest news.

– Love story: It will be an amazing and interesting thing to narrate your love story, how you met your lover and how you decided to get married.

wedding-colors Do You Know How to Create a Wedding Website?

– Wedding photos: You can also add more photos after your wedding for more enjoyment to all of those who attended your wedding and others who were unable to come and share this happy occasion with you.

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Wedding-Rings-Photography Do You Know How to Create a Wedding Website?
weddingpartychased1 Do You Know How to Create a Wedding Website?

* There are many website builders that offer their services to help you to create your wedding website on your own without the need to have a prior technical, programming or coding experience and skills to know how to build it. Among these website builders is Web Hosting Hub.

Web Hosting Hub” is ranked as one of the most perfect and leading web hosting companies that helps its customers to build their websites on their own in just 5 minutes without the need to resort to a professional web designer to have their websites built. Web Hosting Hub tries to satisfy its customers through providing them with a free domain name registration for the first year, so there is no need to buy a domain name and cost yourself more money at least for the first year of hosting and creating your website.

Website builder

Through Web Hosting Hub, you can get a free premium website builder that allows you to design your website on your own easily in just three steps without the need to have a coding experience, it helps you to manage your website at anytime and from anyplace, to add a blog, photo gallery, message board or guestbook to your website and it also provides you with animated flash intros which help you to customize your message, color or animation easily and quickly with just a few clicks by your mouse.

You can also get more than 500 templates that can be customized to suit your taste and to develop your own website. You can personalize the template that you choose through what is added to it such as the color schemes, header graphics, logos and menu buttons which helps you to get your website as if it is especially designed for you.

New-Picture-2 Do You Know How to Create a Wedding Website?


In addition to the previous features, you will also get unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, free blogging software, unlimited MySQL databases, hosting unlimited websites, an advanced control panel, perfect customer support, protected e-mail from spammers and viruses, more than 280 free applications for developing your wedding website such as WordPress and Joomla, McAfee e-mail protection, 4images gallery tool for sharing photos, unlimited e-mail addresses, unlimited FTP accounts and more.

Control panel

Web Hosting Hub presents to its customers one of the most advanced control panels which is cPanel and although it is advanced, it can be easily used without difficulty. The control panel features Softaculous which is a leading script auto installer that helps you to install different popular scripts and applications that are necessary for developing your website such as WordPress, Joomla, B2Evolution, Drupal, OS Commerce and more with just one click. You will also get a web-based file manager that allows you to manage your folders and files.


You can get your website and all the information and data on it protected through a free backup wizard. You have your e-mail account protected from any spam and viruses, so there is no need to worry about the safety of your website and its data.

Customer support

The company provides its customers with the needed perfect support 24/7 and they are available around the clock to help you to answer all of your questions and to provide you with the technical support that you need. It offers a toll-free U.S. in-house technical support. There are many support channels through which you can contact the support staff and get the needed support such as live chat, e-mail, support ticket system, phone and knowledge base through which you can get answers for your questions and increase your knowledge.

Price value

All the services are presented to you at a low price as all what you need to pay is just $4.99 per month which is a competitive price if it is compared to other website builders and web hosting providers that present the same services.


Web Hosting Hub provides its customers with a 90-day money-back guarantee. It is a perfect feature that allows the customers to try the services and applications that they get from the company within 90 days. In case you find that there is a problem or that the services are not satisfactory, you will get a full refund without losing anything.

To conclude, Web Hosting Hub presents to you too many services and a perfect customer support at a low and competitive price.

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