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25 Most Expensive ROLEX Watches in The World

Rolex watches are one of the most famous and valuable brands of watches, the price of these watches are so expensive and they are only worn by rich and popular people. This luxurious company is based in London, here is a collection of the most expensive Rolex watches. The first watch is called Rolex Chronograph it is made of 17 jewels and Arabic gold, this watch costs about one million dollars.


most expensive rolex watches in the world
expensive rolex watch
7805 Rolex
Rolex Chronograph
expensive rolex watch

The second expensive model of Rolex watches is Rolex GMT that costs 485.350 dollars, all the sides of this watch are filled with diamonds. It takes the form of a diamond wave and its bracelet is made of white gold it really looks so luxurious and precious and it also resists water.

expensive rolex watches
expensive rolex watch

Lets move to another expensive model of Rolex watches The Rolex Daytona watch, it is so precious and valuable too.


Then comes Rolex 5513 or as they call it James Bond watch, since it appeared in James Bond movie it has got a large fame and a high price.It has been made of so valuable metals all the bode of the watch is made of stainless steel.

Rolex 5513

The Golden Rolex Oyster is a very expensive watch from Rolex but it is about 18k gold and it was given as a gift for the first president of India   Dr. Rajendra Prasad with a map of India inside the watch.

rolex watches

Rolex Platinum pearl-master is a very special watch too, it has been made of precious diamonds and crystal, it is very expensive and amazing too.   

Rolex Platinum Pearl master


The Ferrari Red Rolex Daytona which was designed on the red color of the Ferrari, it is made of stainless-steel and it has about 17 precious diamonds on it. The reason of its fame is the American actor Paul Newman who was wearing a Rolex Daytona in his movie winning.

Red dial Rolex Daytona

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