Do And Don’ts Tips For Interview

Your job interview is affected a lot by your skills and your personality, both are very important aspects so here are some of the most important tips that you must care about in an interview.

Interview-tips-for-employer Do And Don'ts Tips For Interview

1- Dress for success:

Your appearance and your dress play an important role in the interview and reflect a big part of your personality so you must be in a good appearance. If you are a man wear a suit and if you are a woman make sure to wear for your interview either a skirt suit or pants suit. Don’t wear large jewelry, a lot of colors, and too much makeup.

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2-Handshakes tips:

Don’t forget to stand up at the end of the interview and greet your interviewer but you should avoid handshakes crash and long handshakes.

career-likeability Do And Don'ts Tips For Interview

3-How to handle some keys questions:

When the interviewer asks you some keys questions such as the famous question tell me about your self don’t tell him your life story but just give him a short answer and a concise summary of your career, experiences, and goals so you just focus on the main points.

job_interview Do And Don'ts Tips For Interview

4- How to assess your good and bad points:

When your interviewer asks you about your points of weakness avoid telling him your personality and character flaws but just focus on the points that can be improved overtime.

How-to-assess-your-good-and-bad-points Do And Don'ts Tips For Interview

5-How to avoid inappropriate questions:

If your interviewer started to ask you some inappropriate questions like are you married?, or do you intend to have kids? tell him that you want to focus just on the job not personality.

Here are also some important things you shouldn’t forge, bring a copy of your CV or resume with you in the interview, don’t wear so much perfume or cologne, turn of your cellphone as you can’t check your calls or answer during the interview.


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