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DIY Smart Saw Made My Child Smile Again!

My little boy came from school and he was thrilled because he got a school play role. The school play was about the Trojan war in which the Greeks abducted Helen, King of Sparta’s wife. My eight-year-old boy was assigned to be one of the soldiers hiding inside the Trojan horse. I did not know whether he had chosen the role of being inside the horse because of his obsession with horses or not. However, what I exactly knew and was fully aware of that my little boy was full of the joys of spring. He even could not let the script go of his hands and kept reading his lines out loud. I could not get over the fact that he sometimes hugged the script and his small horse toy during his sleep.

Subsequently, before my son’s big day, he looked a bit blue around the gills; he was diagnosed with chickenpox and his little body and face were full of red spots. Of course, he could not go to his school. Not only could not he go to school and play the role but he also could not leave his bed. His drama teacher was obliged to give his small role and his position inside the horse to another lucky kid. However, Kevin could not let go of his dream; he hugged the script and the little horse toy and put them against his chest, all the way, during his sickness.

Later on, the play was performed and we could not attend. Actually, I told Kevin that he will get another role next year and I will buy him a medium-size wooden horse where he can play inside with his sister. I wanted to do anything just to see my kid happy, but, unfortunately, I couldn’t afford the horse Kevin locked his eyes on at a store. So, after thinking, I thought that building the horse myself would make his day and he would jump up and down for joy.

So, I thought of purchasing a screwdriver, despite the fact that I do not know who to use it. However, the notion of having a screwdriver with my children at home made my blood run cold. As a result, I decided to purchase a user-friendly machine as the DIY Smart Saw that may help me create the hand-crafted wooden gift for Kevin.

At first, it came to my surprise that I did not need to use any equipment or tool except for a computer; the DIY Smart Saw is a CNC machine based program. In other words, computer numerical control. So, all I had to do is to set the design and control the directions through the computer system. Actually, I fed the design with numbers, then let the program does what it is set for: cut the wood with a sharp sculpting tool. I could monitor the directions; the craving tool would move upwards and backwards, from right to lift and from front to back until I reach the design I coveted.

I was impressed when the company had provided a step-by-step audio guide and a footage video in which Alex Grayson, the founder of the company, guided DIY Smart Saw users through all the steps to guarantee that the product fulfilled the customers’ needs and let them accomplish jaw-droppingly wooden art crafts. Not only do the team care about the high-quality of their products, but also they offer 60 days money-back guarantee if the customers are rendered unsatisfied or find the product ineffectual.

After purchasing such user-friendly product, my wife and I decided to create home decoration: bedside tables, clocks and wooden toys, which saved us tons of cash.

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In the end, you should have seen Kevin’s face; it was like he is walking on the air as he could not stop riding the horse; sometimes he imagines himself a Greek soldier hiding in a Trojan horse or he thinks of himself as a cowboy. He even was on the top of the world when he was informed that I had been building it myself just for him.

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