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Discover The Secret Recipes of Famous Restaurants

There are specific dishes that you like to eat in your favorite restaurants and refuse to eat them anywhere else. You enjoy having those dishes and find that they are delicious, have their special taste and deserve the money that you pay for having them, but sometimes they may come to be expensive to find yourself spending a lot of money from your budget just on the food. You wish you could know the secret of these recipes to be able to make them on your own at your home and save your money, but unfortunately you will find that the taste and the way of preparing those dishes can not be imitated because you do not know the secret of preparing them and their ingredients as it is like a top secret that makes the restaurants famous, increase the number of their customers and thus they can not be revealed. Even when you succeed to get the secret of restaurants’ dishes and try to prepare them, you fail because you do not know the steps that are followed for making these recipes. Now, the secrets of the recipes that are made in famous restaurants such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Red Lobster, Applebee’s, Olive Garden, Chili’s and other famous restaurants are exposed through a cookbook entitled “America’s Restaurant Recipes“.

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RED LOBSTER Gainesville Florida, Red Lobster Sea Food Restaurant Gainesville FL.

America’s Restaurant Recipes 1” is brought to you by Ron Douglas. The book presents more than 120 Recipes from 60 of the best and famous restaurants in America. You can prepare your favorite dishes on your own and at any time, save your money, stun your friends with what you cook, save your efforts as you will not need to make several attempts anymore to achieve the good taste of the original recipes, be a perfect chef, save your time as the recipes do not need a long time to be made, increase your confidence through being flattered by all of those who taste your dishes, the dishes are simple and very easy to be prepared, each recipe is accompanied by detailed explanation, all the ingredients that are needed to prepare your favorite dishes can be easily found, you will not need specific tools and equipment in your kitchen for making your recipes, you will be able to prepare your healthy dishes by replacing the unhealthy and artificial ingredients in the recipes that are prepared outdoor with other healthy and natural ingredients that you like and you will not need to be skillful or a good cook. 

When you buy the first volume of the cookbook, you will get the second one “America’s Restaurant Recipes 2” for free. The book presents more than 100 new recipes that were requested by the readers of the first cookbook  and these recipes are taken from 57 restaurants. In addition to this bonus you will get 3 additional bonuses about secret sauces, dishes for kids and the last one is about herbs and anything that is related to them.

“America’s Restaurant Recipes” is recommended by all of those who bought it and tried some of its recipes. They assure that the dishes which they prepared were very tasty and not less delicious than those which are made in famous restaurants. They do not need a long time to be prepared and they are very easy thanks to the instructions and detailed explanation that exist in the book. They impressed all of their friends and family members by the stunning taste. For only $19.97, you will be able to get this amazing book with the other 4 bonuses.

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