Dialted Pores : The Best Ways To Attenuate Dilated Pores

Dilated Pores: It is almost impossible to tighten dilated pores, but there are tricks to reduce their appearance. Specialists in skin and beauty give us their strategies to achieve this.

Dilated Pores: Say no to silicone …

Frequently used to facilitate the application of cosmetics, silicone is not recommended for dilated pores, according to Dr. Debra Jaliman, dermatologist of New York and creator of Sea Radiance, a range of skincare.

“Makeup products that contain silicone will clog your pores and make them more visible,” she says. Also avoid components such as dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, and phenyl dimethicone, which are only other names behind silicone.

Dilated Pores: … But yes to the primer!

Primer, or foundation, seems to have been created for women with enlarged pores, according to makeup artist Lori Hamlin, to whom the actress Padma Lakshmi owes her fabulous complexion. “The foundation will standardize your complexion and give the impression of soft skin,” she says. Your pores are less apparent and make-up holds longer. ”

Apply the foundation on the face and wait until it is completely dry. Lori Hamlin’s favorite bases are By Terry, Hourglass, and Clinique. There is also the Benefit POREfessional primer, specifically designed to mask the apparent pores.

“It acts as a coating on your face,” adds Rebecca Perkins, co-owner and head makeup artist at Red New York. You can even use it over the makeup rather than underneath.

Dilated Pores: Protect your compact powder

Who would have said that this protection could affect the appearance of your pores? Follow the advice of Lori Hamlin: do not throw the thin protective element between the puff and the powder. “It prevents the sebum that enters the puff from contaminating the powder. ”

Women who have enlarged pores tend to have more oily skin and “most of them do not realize that the top layer of their powder has become darker because it has hardened on contact with sebum and Bacteria accumulated overtime on the applicator. ”

Dilated Pores: Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

“The dilated pores are cells of the dead skin that are not exfoliated and clog pores,” explains Dr. Jaliman. This is generally observed in people whose skin is oily or prone to acne. ”

That’s why all our experts agree that exfoliation remains the best way to clean pores and minimize their appearance. “The purer the skin, the smoother it looks! “Says Rebecca Perkins.

Try a sonic cleaning brush (like Clarisonic from Sephora or the Soniclear Petite brush from Michael Todd Beauty) with a mild cleanser. “Vibration releases dead skin from the pores and makes them look smaller”

Or use a chemical exfoliant based on glycolic acid or salicylic acid. Lori Hamlin recommends the Power Glow Peel from M-61.

Dilated Pores: Absorbent paper, your ally

Dr. Jaliman, like Lori Hamlin, considers blotting paper to be the secret weapon against dilated pores. “Using absorbent paper in the affected areas reduces the presence of sebum and makes the pores less visible,” says Dr. Jaliman.

For Lori Hamlin, it’s the easiest and fastest way to refresh her makeup. “Always start absorbing sebum, and then apply make-up again,” she says. His reference? PURENESS by Shiseido, specifically designed to mop sebum. We love those of Tatcha made with abaca leaf and gold powder, used for millennia to absorb sebum.

Dilated Pores: Bet on lightness

If your pores are dilated, beware of comedogenic beauty treatments – which block pores – advises Dr. Jaliman. (These are fat and thick moisturizers and creamy foundations.) Choose lighter cosmetics such as water-based rather than oil-based foundations, such as Sea Water’s Rainforest Tarte, or Natural Finish Oil-Free Of Cover FX.

Rebecca Perkins, for her part, advises mineral-based powder foundation: try All-Over Face Color from bareMinerals with its anti-inflammatory ingredients for correcting complexion.

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