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Differences between Engagement & Wedding Make-up, What Are They?

What is the most important day in your life? It is your wedding day of course. You have to care about all the details of that day to make it perfect and to be one of the unforgettable days and happiest moments in your life. One of the most important things that you need to care about at your wedding is your make-up because all the pictures that will be taken on your wedding day will remind you later of your make-up on that day. The cosmetics that are used for your make-up should be of good quality otherwise you will regret using any other quality after seeing the final result.

Engagement make-up

The main difference between engagement and wedding make-up is caused by the dresses that you wear. For engagement, you can choose any color for your dress but for wedding, you will find that the most common color is white.

♦ Choose suitable colors: Engagement make-up is affected by the color of the dress that you wear. Try to make the colors of your make-up match the color of your dress.

♦ Apply light make-up: There is no need to apply a lot of make-up to make it much than what you usually apply everyday. Try to apply simple, natural and light make-up to increase your beauty.

♦ Do it on your own: The best way for getting an amazing make-up is to look for a professional make-up artist but because this is costly, you can make this on your own or ask a friend to do this for you.

♦ Try this early enough before your engagement: If you are going to put on your make-up on your own, then try it a few days before your engagement day to decide the best thing for you.

Wedding make-up

♦ Get a professional make-up artist: We know that it is costly and may eat a large part of the budget that is dedicated to your wedding but believe us, it deserves spending more money. It will be difficult for you to do your make-up on your own because of being nervous and unable to concentrate. You have to look for a good and professional make-up artist who is aware of the requirements that are related to make-up for getting the best and most dazzling photos for you on your wedding day.

♦ Consult your Make-up artist: You have to meet your make-up artist a few weeks before your wedding day to decide the best thing that can work for you on wedding day.

♦ Put on more make-up: The make-up that you apply on your wedding day should be slightly more than the make-up that you wear on other ordinary days because you need your bridal make-up to last for a longer time not just for a few hours.

♦ Use a primer for more longevity: Applying a primer on your face and even on your eyelids will help you to make your make-up last for a longer time.

♦ Light eye make-up: We always hear that “simplicity is the mother of beauty”, so make your eye make-up light and natural.

♦ Apply waterproof mascara: It will be perfect in case it is hot or you cried.

♦ Use lip pencil before lipstick: Using lip pencil for filling in your lips before using your lipstick will help you to get a good base for your lipstick and make its color last longer.

♦ Place Vaseline on your teeth: Putting Vaseline on your front teeth will protect them from the lipstick that appears sometimes on the bride’s teeth and affect her photos.

♦ Use a towel for keeping your wedding dress clean: After finishing putting on your make-up and before wearing your wedding dress, put a towel on your head in order to keep the cosmetics away from your dress.

Getting a fabulous and stunning make-up for engagement or for your wedding day will increase your beauty and will help you to be more gorgeous and confident which decreases your stress, so do not ignore this to save money.