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The difference between Dedicated SERVER, Reseller and VPS

1-Dedicated SERVER:

it is complete computer device contains hard disc, rams, processor and so on … it is also connected to the internet in a very high speed starts with 10 mega and reaches 500 mega, but it differs from data center to another.


Dedicated Server benefits:

when you hire server from any data center you can control the whole server starting with reboot in any time you want it enables you also to change the whole system and also install all the programs that suits your operating system or change the hard disc and memory in other words have the complete control over it.


Dedicated server advantages:

Size: starts with 80 GEGA hard disc and you can add more than hard disc

Traffic: 1000 GEGA traffic and you can add more

Rams: starts with 1024 mega and add more

Processor: starts with 2, 4 DUAL XEON

Prices: it differs from one data center to another but most of them begins with 100$ to 1000$



it is small part in the SERVER. for example 5GEGA and giving him the ability to redistribute small parts inside his 5 GEGA, the RESELLER can resell the ordinary websites but it can`t create RESELLER account


Reseller Benefits:

the RESELLER owner has no overall control on the SERVER but he can only redistribute the parts for his clients, but he can’t make any program related to the operating system also can’t make any update for any programs on the server like SQL SERVER.


RESELLER advantages:

The RESELLER owner has the full power of the processor and rams which means that he has the full power of the SERVER but one website can decrease the power of the SERVER so there might happen problems between the SERVER owner and the RESELLER
owner as the RESELLER owner may cause advantages on the SERVER but this happens only in the big websites.


RESELLER Advantages:

– the size: differs from one host company to another but what is more important that the size could be 1GEGA to 20 GEGA

– Traffic: it also differs from one company to another it also could be 20 GEGA to 250 GEGA

– Prices: differs from one company to another starts with 5$ to 60$



It is imaginative part of the SERVER that could be very powerful one with very high qualities such having two hard disc 250 GEGA and 4 GEGA rams also DUAL XEON processor, this imaginative server divided into small other imaginative servers inside the main server in which every one of them is really separated from the others unlike the RESELLER which means that every imaginative server can`t exceed his tasks unlike the RESELLER that need to have special spaces as 256 mega from the rams and 1200 from the processor (very poor qualities).


VPS Benefits:

most VPS companies provide the same services of the root owner which means that VPS owner has 90% of the services provided for the server owner like adding or removing programs but for the operating programs he doesn`t have such qualities because one server includes more than one VPS. But the VPS owner can operate his server any time he want but it can`t be considered real reboot but limited operating process.


 VPS Advantages:

VPS owner can redistributes the website just like the server owner

Rams: 128 to 1024 GEGA

Traffic: 150 to 500 GEGA

Size: 5 to 40 GEGA

Price: starts with 30 to 120 $ monthly

The VPS requires special preparations but most of the companies make such preparations for the hosting websites and they tell the client with the needed steps also It provides the technical support for a very cheap prices 10$ only.


POWER VPS COMPANY give 95% preparations for the server including the antivirus programs and controlling the VPS.

256 rams can hold 30 small websites

512 rams can hold 100 small website or 20 medium

The cheap ones could cause problems as it needs special requirements.


What is The Best Web Host (offer Dedicated, Reseller and VPS)?

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