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Did You Hear About The Solar Bench (streetlight bench)?

These solar benches  are very beautiful benches and they are provided with bright lights so as to be used as streetlights too. The bench special case receives the solar panel and transfers it into lights to power the bench lamp. These solar benches especially the voda design have multiple uses, People can have a rest  on these benches and they can also charge their mobiles and laptops through the electrical outlets of these solar benches.

Solar Bench (streetlight bench)
placing Beautiful Bench that Used as Streetlight

There are many designs of these solar benches which will add a great futuristic look to the streets, solar benches are considered as a fantastic achievement in solar power field. Voda design is so practical and these solar chargers are so helpful for people, the solar bench includes a control panel for these outlets so you can relax at any street and charge your laptop away from the city. The future solar benches designs will be more improved and  provided with free WI-fi service .

original Solar Bench

Solar Bench (streetlight bench)
back of leaf version of Beautiful Bench that Used as Streetlight
Beautiful Bench that Used as Streetlight

People use these streetlight benches as a place to have a rest like they use bus stops and others use solar benches as a charging station. Solar benches help many people to work under the sun and they provide a great outdoor workspace too. The  Solar bench represents one of the greatest sun powered technologies.

Solar Bench (streetlight bench)
Prius Solar Flower 2013
original Solar Bench

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