Detoxifying: Best Ways To Detoxify Your Body Naturally


A detoxification cure is not difficult to follow. Follow these tips to lose weight, increase your energy and get a radiant complexion.

Detoxification of the body: what is it?

For some time it has been a real phenomenon of fashion coming from across the Atlantic that breaks, in the form of detoxifying cures. It is a question -seeking a natural purification of the body.

These cures called “detox cures” are mostly done before the arrival of a new season as if to empty the organism of the overflows of the previous season and to prepare it for the change of feed as it is In winter and summer.

Indeed, the detoxifying cure would “rid” the body of toxins that are accumulated due to dietary and seasonal factors.

During the winter, our diet tends is much richer and the table excesses are many with often less physical activity.

Therefore, many toxins can accumulate in the body, these toxins being actually residues of chemicals (pesticides, preservatives ..) found in our daily diet.

These detox cures would find their origin in the principles of naturopathy, that is to say, is treated naturally.

So by removing anything that is unnatural and therefore harmful to our body, we would be less prone to fatigue, to the various infections and common pathologies caused by multiple virusescoronavirus or bacteria.

It is, therefore, a matter of taking control of one’s diet by promoting only liquids, fruits, and fresh vegetables.

Saturated fats, alcohol, tobacco, refined sugar, caffeine, preservatives, and other chemical excipients are therefore banned from the diet during the course of the cure.

It is true that detoxification is essential for the proper balance of the body and ensured daily by different organs (called monitor organs) that are the liver, kidneys, and intestines. And when one of these organs no longer plays its role fully, then appear symptoms of blurry complexion, slow digestion, fatigue …

Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system

Are you not morning? However, you will become one when you have added a dry brushing session when you wake up.

“When your lymphatic system becomes clogged up, there is an accumulation of toxic waste in the body that can cause inflammation or even disease,”, it is then that we can turn to dry brushing. “To help stimulate the lymphatic system,”

Not to mention the inconsiderable effect of beautiful radiant skin. “Dry brushing is also used to stimulate the skin, which is the largest organ in our body, as well as eliminating dead skin,”, bristles toUse a soft brush made bristles to rub the skin in a circular motion, starting from the feet to go up to your heart.

Add this healthy habit to your morning routine and you will begin to feel the detoxifying benefits: complete regeneration of energy and a smoother skin.

Epsom salts allow the body to relax

If you are completing your day with a relaxing bath, turn it into a detoxifying step by adding Epsom salts.

“Epsom salts composed of hydrated magnesium sulfate,”. “Magnesium is a mineral substance that plays an important role in relaxing and reducing stress and improving the quality of your sleep. ”

Better sleep also contributes to detoxifying your body. “When you sleep better and feel less stressed, it improves the functioning of all systems in our body, including our own ability to detoxify us,”.

She suggests adding two cups of Epsom salts to the bathwater and relaxing for 15 to 30 minutes. This is what we fully agree with!


Infusions with depurative effects

If the water is perfect to hydrate throughout the day, herbal teas are ideal for detox. “You have to hydrate yourself to get rid of toxins,”.

Try to take everyday herbal teas known for their depurative effects on the liver and blood, such as dandelion root, milk thistle, burdock root, red clover, and nettle. ”

This is the good side of autumn and winter. There is no better time to bundle and warm up with a good hot tea!

The detoxifying power of fruits and vegetables

The health benefits of fruit and vegetables are countless, and one of them is to stimulate detoxification of the body.

“Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables every day makes it possible to meet levels of antioxidants and enough fiber to neutralize toxins and eliminate them in a timely manner,”.

For breakfast, concoct a green smoothie that will allow you to smoothly incorporate more vegetables in the morning. For lunch, stock up on all the salads you want. And do not forget the dessert. You can slip vegetables into just about all your treats. Why not a beet brownie?

Breathing filters impurities from the blood

We understand that we breathe constantly, but without necessarily being conscious of how we do it.

“Breathing deeply increases the oxygen level and makes it possible to filter blood impurities better,”. This also has a stimulating effect on the lymphatic system which then eliminates toxins more efficiently. That’s a very good reason to make sure you breathe the right way.

If breathing deeply presents a challenge for you, adopt a daily detox medication by practicing yoga. While breathing is the driving principle of yoga, and in no time, you will feel the benefits of detoxifying breathing.

Other general detoxifiers:

  • Carrot and grapefruit cleanse the body of heavy metals.
  • Onion and spirulina which is a hepatoprotective alga detoxify the body of heavy metals and are beneficial for the kidneys.
  • Buckwheat that is rich in antioxidants and anti-cholesterol fibers has the advantage of being devoid of gluten and can, therefore, be consumed by all with the advantage of calming hunger thanks to its strong satiating power.
  • The apple but only in the organic version is able to consume it with the skin. It is rich in vitamin C and the pectin has traps cholesterol while exercising a genuine appetite suppressant action …
  • Watercress or rocket very rich in chlorophyll to boost the production of red blood cells.
  • Beet contains methionine which helps the body to treat the body’s waste and betaine which allows the liver to metabolize fatty acids.
  • The avocado is very rich in glutathione an antioxidant that promotes eliminate toxins.
  • The banana, very rich in potassium, also fights the small hunger by quickly stalling a hungry stomach.
  • Dandelions for their diuretic and draining renal action.

Detoxification: what are the expected results?

The changes and effects caused by a detox cure would be many. Indeed, taking lighter and balanced meals would allow the different organs involved (skin, lungs, liver, kidneys, etc.) to evacuate the accumulated toxins more easily.

However, if these effects are often controversial because there is no scientific publication that really demonstrates the effects of a detox cure, it simply makes it possible to realize that a diet control helps to regain well-being and serenity and These detox cures can be a starter to change its diet over the long-term.

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