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Design Your Own Gemstone Ring: 26 Exclusive Example Designs

Nowadays fine jewelry companies offer it’s customers the ‘create your own jewelry’ tool that enables them from designing what they are really hoping for . with this tool anyone can make his own piece of jewelry with the style, type of metal, kind of gems or diamonds and price they want.

For example, If you are willing to design your own gemstone ring, you may choose the setting at the beginning then select the central gemstone and the diamonds that would surround it or you can search through magazines and websites for the shapes of rings and combine any parts you like in different rings to build your own unique new gemstone ring. This is not as hard as it sounds, As many of the beautiful ones of a kind rings you see in the jewelry markets are made using drawings and ideas from different existing rings.

For making your own gemstone ring from a setting you may need to think about some aspects such as the setting, the diamond cut, the diamond side stones, the diamond color and the diamond carat weight.

For the setting, to make your own gemstone ring, The most common settings are white, yellow gold and platinum with diamonds and the surrounding stones. Choose the eye catchy design and put on mind that simplicity might be the best.

The second step in designing your own ring is the diamond cut, whenever you choose the diamond you have to choose it’s cut. There are different shapes for the diamond’s cuts like marquis, round, oval, square and the heart shaped cut. while the most common and favorable one is the round cut as it reflects the light in a very good way.

After that, think about the side stones, the side stones choosing is a very important step in building your own gemstone ring. The side stones are small diamonds or gemstones that are inlaid around the big diamond in the middle, they can circle the whole ring or can be inlaid on the upper side only.
The diamond color is something to think about very well, not all diamonds are colorless or transparent, they vary in color from the red, pink, orange, blue …etc. choose the color that will add elegance to your ring.

The last step in building your own gemstone ring is the diamond karat weight, This step depends on how much you can pay, If your budget is not enough you can keep the cost as minimum as you want by having the illusional diamond head. This illusional head gives the appearance of the single gemstone but in fact, it could be several small gemstones that are set together closely.

To design your own gemstone ring online Buyz Company is a perfect source to find the best pieces of jewelry, and it offers the ‘create your own jewelry’  tool. has exactly what you are searching for.

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