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Dealing With a Bad Haircut the Right Way

Only a few things could probably be worse than finding out that a stylist did not do a haircut right. If you’re lucky enough, changes can be done on the spot. Otherwise, the only thing you can do is to make the most of a terrible situation.

Fixing the Issue Before Leaving the Salon Dealing With a Bad Haircut the Right Way - 2

 Fixing the Issue Before Leaving the Salon 

* Immediate feedback. As soon as your stylist finishes, it’s important that he or she hands you a small mirror so you can check out the cut from every angle. If you see something wrong, tell them that you want the cut fixed right away.

Fixing the Issue Dealing With a Bad Haircut the Right Way - 3

* Tell the stylist exactly what is wrong with the cut. By doing so, the cut can be fixed right away if it can be fixed right then and there. If in case the problem cannot be fixed immediately, then at least the stylist will be more careful next time he or she is asked to do the hairstyle you asked him or her to do.

Tell the stylist exactly what is wrong with the cut Dealing With a Bad Haircut the Right Way - 4

* Be polite and calm all throughout the discussion. Letting frustration guide your language is a sure way to get the stylist upset with you, and the last thing you want in that situation is an angry stylist. Instead, discuss matters as though you are giving constructive criticism. Guide the hair stylist until they achieve the haircut desired.

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* If necessary, speak with the salon manager. If you don’t think the stylist is skilled enough, speak to the salon manager. He or she can help you in getting the desired results. Just make sure to do this discretely to avoid putting the stylist in an uncomfortable situation.

speak with the salon manager Dealing With a Bad Haircut the Right Way - 6

Once you have clearly explained the situation with the manager, he or she will correct it. If she’s busy, he or she will get someone else who can correct the cut.


 Fixing the Issue at Home 

* Wait. Even the worst haircuts will not last long as hair will always grow back.

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* Work with your current style. There are two ways to do this. One is by trying out another style that’s close to the one the stylist did. Another is by playing around with accessories.

Work with your current style Dealing With a Bad Haircut the Right Way - 8

If you’re going for the first option, change the texture of your locks. Curl if it’s straight, or the other way around. Go with a lighter color or darker color. Style using a number of different products such as texturizing cream or salt spray.

If you’re going for the second option, the goal should be to either hide bad parts of the haircut or emphasizing what is good about the new haircut. You can, for example, pull your short hair back with bobby pins if the strands keep falling into your face.

* Hair Extensions. Getting a piece of human hair extension online (or more than one piece) is recommended if the length of your hair is distressing you or is adversely affecting your appearance. When shopping for pieces, make sure to choose those which match the texture and color of your hair. Also, choose pieces that look just like your actual strands.

Hair Extensions Dealing With a Bad Haircut the Right Way - 9

Once you have made your purchase, hire a stylist to set them up on your head. Doing the installation yourself will cause the pieces to stand out from your natural strands, thus defeating the purpose of having extension pieces on your head.

A bad haircut is not an easy thing to deal with, since you carry your locks wherever you go. Fortunately, by doing some of the steps mentioned above, the issue can be corrected soonest. Other steps, on the other hand, will allow you to still look fabulous even if you ended up with a cut you don’t really like.

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