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Curtains Have Great Power In Changing The Look Of Your Home

Curtains have an important role in making your home look fresh and bright. Whether you want to make new curtains or want to renew and change the old curtains, so you must choose the style, color and design very carefully. New curtains could change the interior of your house and it also filters the natural light into the room. So, curtains have a great power in changing the look of your home and make it looks lovely and elegant.









When you are going to pick the curtains, you should take into consideration the curtains fabric, its length, its style, its color, its size, and its design. You will see many styles and designs in different colors and fabric, but which one is the perfect one !!

The fabric has an important role in choosing the curtain as it determines its function. If the curtain is made of heavy fabric, so it may not fold and fall well. If there is a lot of light get into the room, so avoid bright colors because the sunlight could fade fabrics over time. Velvet, silk, linen and faux silk are good choices for the curtains in hanging as the faux silk are the most durable. There are some fabrics which could keep out cold like these curtains used in some hotels.

The length of the curtains: measure from the top of the window till the floor and add two or three inches to the length, then for both sides you can add four to eight inches to make sure that it will cover the area very well. Modern designs are popular nowadays because of its simplicity and elegance.


Curtains with Kirsh Tape


luxury curtain ideas










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