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“Crystone” Offers Many Different plans at Competitive Prices

Crystone is a Scandinavian company that provides its customers with different hosting services such as web hosting and server hosting. The head office of the company is located in Stockholm and it has other branch offices in the UK and the USA to be able to meet the growing demands and to provide its customers in different places around the world with the needed support.

Crystone was founded in Sweden in 1997 which means that it has been in the hosting industry for over 16 years till now which is a long time that makes the company experienced in hosting servers and websites. The main aim of the company since it was first founded is to satisfy its customers around the world through presenting all the needed services with high quality, the perfect customer and technical support and different hosting plans to meet the customers’ needs whether they are private associations, companies or just individuals. The company succeeded to host over 300.000 till now.

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Crystone provides you with unique domain names and high quality web hosting services. It presents different hosting plans and each plan has more than one package to meet the different demands of its customers whether they are individuals or companies. For shared web hosting, you will find three plans and each one of them has its features that are capable of satisfying different needs.

The three plans are Mini Plan, Standard Plan and Pro Plan and all of them offer Linux and Windows as operating systems for your website. The Mini plan presents to you only one domain, Standard plan presents 10 domains and 3 hosted exchange accounts while the Pro plan presents unlimited domains and 5 hosted exchange accounts. Shared web hosting that includes the previous three plans features unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited sub domains, unlimited FTP accounts, unlimited email accounts, free website and domain transfer, free MySQL and script transfer, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited autoresponders, malware scan and preventing spam.


Crystone presents different services and products to its customers trying to satisfy them and to provide them with what they need with high quality. In addition to shared web hosting, it offers VPS, co-location, dedicated servers, domain names, website building, SEO hosting or search engine optimization, exchange mail, newsletter, exchange cloud server and internet marketing services such as digital marketing and e-commerce.

New-Picture-12 "Crystone" Offers Many Different plans at Competitive Prices

Control Panel

The company provides the customers of the shared web hosting with its CCP control panel that is presented by Parallels. The control panel can be easily used without difficulties or without requiring programming knowledge. With Crystone, you can get free SiteBuilder and SiteStudio to build your website on your own, 4.500 free website templates to choose what suits your taste, 52 free scripts that can be easily installed to develop your website and you can also host different popular applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, CMS and more, different programming languages such as PHP5, Ruby on Rails, Fast CGI, Python, Perl, SSI and CGI.


The company possesses two datacenters with two power supply systems which are completely separated. This feature makes your website and its data entirely protected and it also guarantees your website to be always up and running. Making the power supplies separated from each other helps the server to be always running even if there is an unexpected problem in one of the power supplies as a result of power outage or any other reason. The services are always monitored in order to handle any sudden problem immediately by the experienced technicians who are available for 24 hours. The company offers a 99.9% uptime which guarantees your websites and servers to be always up and running without causing any downtime. It presents weekly automatic Offsite backups for your data to be always protected from being lost.

Customer support

It does not matter whether you are one of the customers who have their websites hosted with the company or you are just one of those who are looking for a web hosting company to host their websites, because in both cases you will get the needed support and care that you need. The company provides its customers with a perfect 24/7/365 support that is presented by an experienced support staff to get all of your questions answered at anytime throughout the day. You can also get the technical support that you need and it is presented by professional technicians who have the ability to handle any technical issue you face. Crystone offers different support channels through which you can contact the support staff such as the customer page, live chat, tickets, email, phone and fax and there is also a Facebook page through which you can get the latest news about the company.

Price value

The services and hosting plans are offered with competitive prices and the lowest price at which you can get your services is $5.56 per month and this is offered on the Mini Plan. The price of the domain name differs according to the top domain which refers to what comes at the end of the domain name after the dot such as .com, .eu, .co, .net, .org, etc. You can get .Co for $27.99, .Com for $9.99, .EU for $5.99 and this cost is per year.


You can get the services that are offered through the Mini Plan which is a shared web hosting for just $0.99 and this offer is presented for a limited time.


The company presents to its customers a 45-day money-back guarantee which allows you within 45 days to try hosting your website with the company and you can judge the quality of the services that are presented to you. In case you find that the services are not satisfactory or you do not get all the services that you need, then you will get a full refund without losing anything.

Customer ratings

According to the customers, Crystone offers too many different plans and services which allow them to choose what satisfies their needs and what meets the requirements of their business at reasonable and competitive prices. The best thing for some customers is that there is not a contract that forces them to stay with the company, so they can cancel their account at anytime without penalties.

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