Cricket Legend Dwayne Leverock, Even Now

One of the most famous cricketers, legend, star of Bermuda, Russell Dwayne Mark Leverock was born July 14, 1971. Even though he is not the biggest cricket player in the world, he was the heaviest player at the 2007 Cricket World Cup- his weight at that time was 127 kg.

How Did It All Start?

His first large-scale and significant tournament, where he played as part of the Bermuda cricket team, was One Day International, which took place in Canada on May 2006. Leverock became a decisive player who contributed to the team’s high scores. Since then, he has become one of the leading players in the Bermuda team, and his career began to develop rapidly. All information about Dwayne Leverock you can check on site dedicated to cricket.

Russell-Dwayne-Bermuda-cricket Cricket Legend Dwayne Leverock, Even Now

Main Matches of Dwayne Leverock

Until 2006, Dwayne Leverock participated as a representative of Bermuda in eight matches of the ICC Intercontinental Cup, which took place in 2004. Then his result was a victory in the United States with a score of 7/57. In the same year, the player participated in the ICC Americas Championship. Leverock took part in the ICC Cup in 2005, and in 2006 at Stanford 2006 20/20.

In turn, at the 2006 ICC Intercontinental Cup, Leverock showed excellent results, having made his first half-century (51), playing against the Netherlands. Dwayne Leverock showed the second similar result in the same Cup already in 2007-2008.

Russell-Dwayne-cricket Cricket Legend Dwayne Leverock, Even Now

Russel-Dwayne-cricket-2-675x316 Cricket Legend Dwayne Leverock, Even Now

The Swift Rise of Dwayne Leverock in 2007

2007 was an unforgettable and landmark year in the sports career of Dwayne Leverock. This year, he took part in the World Cricket Championship, during which he showed brilliant results and made himself known to the whole world. Then he played in a warm-up with England and stunned with his game the experienced and professional players of the British team, including national team captain Michael Vaughan.

In the second stage of the game, he easily defeats the Indian player and becomes the opening of the World Cricket Championship, as well as the protagonist of the sports press. Taking part in the second match of the 2007 World Cup, Bermuda met with India. At that time, everyone expected the Bermuda team to become just a warm-up, a kind of training for the Indian team. Nevertheless, everything turned out completely different. Dwayne Leverock demonstrated a brilliant game, and his catch went down in the history of the Championship, becoming a pride for Bermuda.

A distinctive feature of Dwayne Leverock is his size — he is tall and large; this did not prevent him from playing beautifully and professionally and set him apart from other players. Leverock’s achievements at the 2007 World Cup earned him the title “Athletic Person of the Year in Bermuda” for the second year in a row. Dwayne Leverock himself has repeatedly noted that this year was one of the turning points and the best moments in his sports career, he became famous and recognizable.

dwayne-leverock-cricket Cricket Legend Dwayne Leverock, Even Now

Russel-Dwayne-cricket Cricket Legend Dwayne Leverock, Even Now

End of a Sports Career

However, already in 2009, Dwayne announced his retirement from the big sport. This happened after Bermuda took ninth place in the qualifying match of the World Cup 2009, subsequently failing to qualify for the Cricket World Cup in 2011.

ICC-Cricket-World-Cup-675x450 Cricket Legend Dwayne Leverock, Even Now

Dwayne Leverock in 2019

Dwayne Leverock is still watching events in the world of cricket. So, recently he expressed his opinion about the outstanding catches at the 2019 Cricket World Cup. Nevertheless, he is absolutely sure that his game against India in 2007, which just became a landmark in his career in the sports world, remains the best in the history of the World Cup. He also notes with humor that the 2007 Championship was one of the worst in the history of the World Cup, and if he had not participated in it, everything would have been much worse! During the 2019 World Cup, Dwayne also noted a good game by players such as Stokes, Cottrell, and Guptill.

2019-Cricket-World-Cup-675x380 Cricket Legend Dwayne Leverock, Even Now

So, Dwayne Leverock became a cricket legend. And even after the end of his sports career, he remains a star that his compatriots are proud of, and whose unforgettable game will stay in memory for a long time.

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