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20+ Best Living Room Design Ideas in 2018

The living room might be the most important part in the house, because this is where the families gather, spend most of their times and do most of their activities. It’s also the first place that gets to be seen when you have some guests invited over. These are enough reasons for you to take a good care of your living room and create a cozy atmosphere for everyone either living in the house or just passing by. The thing about living rooms is that they can be kind of exhausting, for it is not only about some pieces of furniture, but you will also have to take care of the lightning, the rugs and all the additional decorations that blitz your room’s appearance. Check out these designs that will help you produce a living room that is totally appealing to the eyes of beholders.

1 All-White Furniture

White is always a great choice, since it enhances every rooms’ appearance and makes them look like a heavenly place. This color also make your choice for other decorative items easier, because it almost build a great contrast with every other color. You can also combine different colors to make it look joyful and colorful, but you’ll have to go for something that can be easily cleaned, especially if you have children to deal up with.

2 Painted Walls

You don’t have to change all of your living room furniture in order to have a makeover. Actually you can keep the ones you already have, but try to change some decorations like the color of the walls; try painting them with a colorful paint that feels like joy is invited all over the place. Or you can go for an easier choice by picking up an appropriate wallpaper that matches your furniture’s colors.

3 Curtain Changes

Curtains also play a great part when it comes to the room’s design, be it by its color, or even its shape. So if you are not up for dramatic changes, then go for this small ones. Check up your curtains if you don’t even remember the last time you have changed them, they might be outdated. Or maybe your eyes are too used to them so you got bored and they do not look appealing to you anymore.

4 Creamy and Dark Colors

Creamy furniture might be a bit old-fashioned, but you can never go wrong with them. Classic designs are still the classy-looking and elegant ones after all. They even create an atmosphere of total coziness. If you like this style, do not hesitate. There’s nothing wrong with brushing your living room with a dark accent.

5 Library-Dominated Room

If you’re a reader and so in love with books, you can place a great-sized library in your room that reveals a great part of your personality.