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How To Create a Website in 2 Steps For Your Business

Many people asked me: How can I create my own website?

So, Need to create a website for your business? Perhaps you don’t know anything about creating a website online and this is why you’re here. You might even be thinking that website setup is difficult and not anyone can do this but that’s entirely untrue. There are so many individuals who have created their own websites, without programming knowledge.

Because the marketplace has so many third party software and applications, it’s easy to create a website. If you have a business, you definitely don’t want to skip out on this. You could easily receive an extra 1,000 to 10,000 visitors each month on your site. And guess what? All these visitors are targeted, which means that you could receive many more clients than what you are getting now. Here is a tutorial on how to create a website for your business:

create-my-own-website-300x220 How To Create a Website in 2 Steps For Your Business
What type of business do you have? Are you selling services or products? If you plan on selling 10 products or less, go with WordPress to create your site. However, if you have more then 10, Magento is highly recommended. This is the ultimate e-commerce solution and is very powerful. You’re able to import items, add new products, customize your layout and so forth. However, if you have a business which sells a single service, go ahead and skip out on the “Buy it now” buttons. It’s better to describe your service and allow potential clients to fill out an estimate form.

What is best hosting company for your website?

You will need a hosting company and your own domain name if you want to create a website for your business. Our favorite to use is Godaddy, because they have wonderful customer service. You can build your business using Smart Space, a service offered exclusively by them. It includes the website, blog, gallery, and even your own social page. It’s possible to customize your website in minutes as opposed to working on the project for weeks at a time.

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