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I Purchased Crash Course Training and Wrote My Review

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About The Crash Course Training:

Crash Course Training and Development is a fast paced, intensive online WordPress video training program that is designed to teach you all the necessary skills to build a great looking website or blog for the first time in one day.

John Piteo is the creator and instructor for the Crash Course Training program for WordPress. He also has other products including the Artisteer Crash Course.


Crash Course Training Features Review:

While searching for a program to use WordPress, I stumbled on the Crash Course Training.  After trying some programs without success, when I ordered the crash course I was not really expecting much. But, this online video training program has proven to be quite effective.

Right now, you can get 37 short videos with just the important details needed for you to build a blog or website that is fully functional and search engine optimized. You will also get a quick reference checklist with 23 steps that you can use for guidance after watching the training videos.

One of the things that I am very pleased with is the fact the Crash Course tutorial videos were made in extra large format using high-quality software for screen capture, so you can see everything clearly. What’s more, the instructions are given in crystal clear English.

The Crash Course program also adds plugins with detailed instructions on how you can find, choose, install and then configure powerful code libraries. You will get 8 powerful plugin absolutely free!


 How The Crash Course Training Works:

The Crash Course program will help you to build a fully functional WordPress website. You will get instructions on how to select, buy and host your domain; setup your WordPress with search engine friendly features; find important plugins; add YouTube videos to your posts and pages and a lot more.

I was able to create and customize a website and blog on WordPress platform after using this training program. The best part is that you get a self-hosted WordPress site or blog.


What Makes Crash Course Training Different:

John certainly exceeds my expectations with the format of this course using a simple approach that really works. The Crash Course is pure quality, since all the fluff and hype is eliminated.

Another good thing is that the videos are really short and to the point, even though you are getting more than two hours of high-quality video training. You will get a specific topic on each video and once that subject matter is covered the video will end.

I also like the fact that I could return to the course to watch over any video if there was a problem. This is definitely an easier and faster way for beginners to learn how to build WordPress websites.

You will also love the presentation, as John covered the topics at the right speed without being too fast, too slow or boring. Furthermore, his voice is extremely clear with a professional tone.

It’s really refreshing to finally get a course with everything that is needed to use WordPress efficiently without all the unnecessary details.


What I didn’t Like in The Crash Course Training & development:

Even though the sales page states that you will get unlimited access to the training videos for the affordable one-time cost without the monthly fees, this unlimited is just for the life of the website, So you should download it to your PC.



There is a 100% money back guarantee offer that will allow you to try the program for 60 days without losing your money.


 Crash Course Training Bonus Or Discount Offers:

Currently, there is a special pre-launch offer for $47, plus free Artisteer Crash Course Videos with purchase!


 Final Conclusion:

I would definitely recommend the WordPress Crash Course Training program to anyone who wants to build a blog or website quickly without having to spend a fortune.

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