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How to Use cPanel | What is cPanel | cPanel Tutorials

cpanel-tutorials How to Use cPanel | What is cPanel | cPanel Tutorials

What is cPanel?

cPanel is an easy to use hosting control panel with user friendly interface and many automated tools. Its features will make the hosting process very simple and easy to administrators, users, resellers and webmasters

cPanel is developed to support all hosting types: shared, VPS and dedicated hosting.


What is Best cPanel Hosting?

From our personal reviews, and our users feedback; we can say that inmotion company has best unlimited cPanel hosting.


What is Best cPanel for VPS (cheap vps cpanel)?

inmotion hosting company considered as best cPanel for VPS (reliable and inexpensive VPS cPanel Hosting) & also it’s a good dedicated server cpanel.


cPanel Tutorials (How to Use cPanel?)

You will see in the following video full cPanel tutorial (cpanel demos video) on how to use cPanel features, cpanel backups, and all other features.

Features of cPanel and How to Use it:

1- How to access cPanel of Your Site:

It’s accessed through the browser and typing the name of the site as the following:




cPanel Port: 2082 & 2083

After you log, you will see all cPanel options
In left section, you will see your plan information:

Hosting package: the name of your chosen plan
Shared Ip Address: the shared ip address
Subdomains: the number of available sub-domains names
Parked Domains: the number of possible parked domain names
Addon Domains: how many domains you can use
MySQL Databases: Number of available databases
Disk usage: the disk space used
SQL Disk usage: The sql databases space used
Disk space available: the remaining disk storage
Bandwidth usage (current month): the amount of bandwidth used
Email Accounts: number of email Accounts used
Email Forwarders: Number of email mail forwarders used
Autoresponders: email option to show number of email autoresponders used.
Mailing Lists: Number of your mailing lists
Email filters: an email option
Ftp Accounts: Number of ftp accounts used till now


cPanel Options in the main section:


1- E-mail

* Email icon allows the user to create email accounts such as: [email protected]
* Read mail via a browser: After login you can read emails by clicking on the mail icon
* Email Forwarders: Also allows you to forward incoming emails to an e-mail to another
You have my email on the name of [email protected] —– we can forward incoming mail to [email protected]
* We can also add or modify auto-reply

2- Changing your password:
This feature allows you to change the password for the site anytime.

3-Add Domain
Host as many domains on the same plan as your plan allow (there is unlimited plans which allow cPanel unlimited hosted domains as inmotion company which we recommended above)

New Domain Name: the name of the new domain
Username / directory / subdomain Name: the details
Password: password
Then click on Add domain

4- FTP option:
This feature allows you to control and manage the files of your site, and Where you can add new FTP users.

FTP Accounts: you can setup FTP Accounts Which you can give access to others for certain files and domains on your hosting.

5- File management:

By using this option you can upload, modify, or delete files.
Always upload in the main folder your site ‘public_html’ where you can create subfolders.

6- Backup copies:
Where you can get cpanel backups for your site and databases anytime.

7- Password protected files & folders:
this option to protect the content of special folders with password to prevent access to the puplic or non authorized visitors.

8- Databases:
where you can add databses.

1- add database name
2- add username and password
3- connect this user to the database

9- Block any specific IP from accessing your website:
This feature allows you to prevent a specific person or a hacker after you get his ip information by blocking its entry to the website.


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