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Fantastico definition is commercial script library (Fantastico Script Library) combined with hosting plans, it enables automatic 1-click installer for web apps, the execution of Fantastico scripts is done by the administration of the website’s control panel, according to Fantastico website, Fantastico scripts list are very popular and around 10,000 web servers installed them around the world.

There are a plenty of applications that involved Fantastico scripts list with them, Fantastico is vey versatile, it enables the installation of content management system, wikis, fantastico blogs (fantastico wordpress), shopping-cart software ,billing system ,discussion boards , fantastico gallery and sharing ,polls, fantastico e commerce system and much more . Usually, Fantastico webhosting uses open source software, but also, if you have the software fantastico license, you can install other licensed software.

Within one webhosting account, you can install various fantastico scripts that make multiple web applications in the same account; you can install fifty different applications using fantastico script library.

Installing web applications using Fantastico web hosting is a very easy process, it saves your time, and if you are a beginner in this field, Fantastico guarantees you just few clicks to make your website ready, you don’t have to upload files or to setup the database.

There are many things you can do with the help of Fantastico web hosting, Using Cpanel Fantastico hosting, you will be able to install a blog software like Word Press (fantastico wordpress) on your website, also you can change your website design with a few clicks . You can also install shopping carts “fantastico E-commerce software” such as fantastico zen cart, those shopping carts are commonly used on multiple business website, you can change the cart design and options according to your needs.

Another benefit of using Fantastico web hosting is the fantastico Forums applications, Forums are a collection of discussion boards enables people from interacting online, all you have to do is to install the forum on your website , you don’t have to write any codes for it , then you can change its design to be more appropriate to your website.

One more thing you can do with the help of Fantastico web hosting is the customer service system, some help features, chartrooms, Help center live, and FAQs, those are very helpful and important in supporting your customers.

If you want to make your experience with your website and webhosting easier and more enjoyable, you should buy fantastico web hosting that offers Fantastico features.

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