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Costco Cruise is a worldwide Company, it is originally an Italian company that has a huge naval fleet in many various countries around the world. In fact it is considered as a mean of transport and entertainment at the same time, as it contains a cinema, a theater, shows, internet service, a library, swimming pools, an electronic games hall, entertaining games like tennis and billiard.

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The cruise also has a spa, a laundry room, hairdressers, different cafes and restaurants, children games, and small trade markets.  Every room includes a TV that shows the Costco Cruise daily activities.

In short Costco Cruise is a small town, and traveling by it is so much comfortable. You will be able to visit several cities by Costco Cruise. You should search the web for booking at the closest hotel to the port that the cruise will start sailing from, The Savona Darsena hotel at the Italian city Savona is a perfect hotel. you will spend a day before sailing at Savona the great Italian city and a day in Rome the great historical capital before finishing the cruise.

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Sarah Aziz

Written By translator Sarah Aziz
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