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50+ Coolest Wedding Nail Design Ideas

Weddings are important occasions. For the bride-to-be, this is once in a lifetime event, so they do not want to take any chances. In fact, nothing should be left to chance even choosing the suitable wedding nail design ideas. Months before the wedding, all the major planning are done in advance. The guest, venue, food, music. What remains is the pimping of the bride. A week to the big day, a lot of concentration should be made on the bride’s mental, physical and spiritual health.

When selecting the color themes, considering clothing and all the fabrics, nails design should be put into perspective. They should match the wedding gown, handbag, shoes, and the general theme.

There are many nail art design ideas to select from:

Pick a nail stylist: Before deciding on which nail art to pick you need to select on the best nail stylist. With her, you can go through your program and preferences. No matter how many a variety of color, availability of tools or even how steady the hand, stylish nail art can be difficult to decide on your own.

Theme: It is presumed that the dress code and wedding fabric them has been agreed on. Inform your nail stylist of this theme and make sure they are aware and can do it well with your nails.

Care. Take good care of your nail. Keep them strong health and clean. let then grow to your desired size which will allow for some trimming and filing.

Once you have done these, it is time to select your favorite nail art style. They include the following:

1 Great angles

This is just a good old fashioned manicure that has a little twist. The inspiration for this look was to try bringing out the simplicity since nail art has become so crazy these days.

How to: apply a base coat color like a royal violet then use a striping brush to create perfect lines with a complimentary color like blue orchid.

2 Visual stripes

This is a negative space manicure that is suitable for someone who is looking for a colorful design that is not too loud. This style was originated from the common V shape style used at the base of the nail and was switched up to make it look fresh and new

How to: create a triangle shape with a pink color and then do the same with a gray color. After this, add darker colors like a deep blue or deep red, on top of the lighter ones to form perfect lines. These lines can be formed by using a striping brush or tape.

3 Over the moon

This is a simple spin that goes to show, less is more. The classic half-moon was the inspiration behind this design, which is achieved when you apply the nail polish but leave the nail’s crescent (Lunular), bare. This could be reversed and you are able to achieve a cool new look.

How to: you should follow the moon shape of your nail using a striping brush with black nail polish then simply use striping tape that can be trimmed by cuticle nippers once placed across the nail.

4 Nail Tattoos

This is a simple application of stones and other jewelry design to fit the nails. They come in different glitters and textures

How to: you should set a base color. Apply the glitters or tattoos, wait for them to dry then apply the sealant polish to protect against elements and water.