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The Coolest, Sexiest, Most Stylish Lulu Jewelry Ever

Dramatic and timeless, Lulu jewelry has a lot to offer to its niche of clients. These pieces are unique in such a way that they have a tasteful blend of class, antiqueness and at the same time modern and elaborate style. You can find their pieces to be distinct from the rest because of the heavy amount of history that can be felt and seen. The details come mostly in collaged materials that date back from the past and present centuries. It is like a step back in time where pieces of jewelry are made with elaborate materials and well-spoken intricacies. The Lulu design jewelry collection creates a new option for wearing ornaments in a different historic air.

Who started it?

Lulu jewelry is master-minded by Lisa Salzer. She has been familiar with jewelry business even at a young age since her grandmother is an estate jeweler in New Hope, Pennsylvania. Her grandmother, Elizabeth Frost, comes from a family of jewelers. She worked in her store for 40 years where her love for Victorian and Deco pieces of jewelry was displayed. This inspired Lisa to pursue the same style on her jewelry after she had decided to follow her grandmother’s footprints into the business.

Lisa took up History as major in her college. This background added to her one-of-a-kind designs. She integrated all her interest in history and jewelry in every piece of design. In 2004, she finally opened her new business in New York.

In a span of fewer than 10 years, Lisa has made her label popular with its unique design. She was able to create several collections that amazed her clients. Her pieces are bold, elaborate and historic. Lisa did a significant work that provided a new way of assembling pieces into a wonderful ornament.

How to get that unique historic look?

Popular designs of Lulu jewelry are perfect for vintage glamour. Each collection parades a different design but the same substance. There are several collections available in this line of jewelry. The most popular collections are:

  • Power. What made this collection so unique is that it has a Victorian detail and a tiny face of a woman lined along the stretch of the necklace or bracelet chain. This power collection really has an impact on every viewer because the tiny face design can alert curiosity and a real head-turner. These pieces have the power to magnetize those who will lay eyes on them.
  • Endless summer. Endless summer is a collage of many fashionable items. The Lulu bracelets in this collection have virgin quartz, pearls and silver designs which are attached to a brass snake chain.
  • Color story. A pristine bright colored silk is intertwined with the brass chain. This unique design can be acquired in many different colors to match the color of your dress, shoes and bags.
  • Modern vintage. This collection is characterized by the marriage of brass and silver blended together to achieve timeless quality. The pieces look like an heirloom from centuries before.
  • College. As the collection is named to, collage collection involves a variety of several materials like jade, brass, and silver to create the distinctive look. The bib necklace can make your décolletage covered in a very interesting way.
  • Classics. Heavy feather-shaped pendants on chokers embellished with glass stones made up this collection. The effect is simple yet very dazzling.
  • Plaza. This is like a letter tag necklace collection. Along bronze cast chain punctuated with a bold capital letter is good to show off your name or somebody significant to you.
  • 100 years. This is an elaborate and colorful collection, more colorful than the college. These pieces are so historic that looks like ornaments from Cleopatra’s closet.
  • Code. This set is characterized by pieces with a number as a centerpiece. You can make this useful if you want to show-off the date of your birthday or your place in a state bar exam.

If you are tired of the recent and popular jewelry designs, you might want to try something new by having something old in your fashion. Vintage and classic, Lulu Jewelry is a great choice to revamp your style.

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