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The Continued Rise of ‘Survival’ Holidays

Survival holidays are constantly growing in popularity. More and more people are leaning towards the rough road, changing the meaning of vacations from comfort and relaxation to all pumped up. Instead, they choose to go to the paths less traveled, being out in the wilderness, jungle, or desert and learning everything they can about surviving minus the usual amenities of life.

Civilization has somehow made people lazy. A taste of the wildlife through an adventure holiday in the wild is like a breath of fresh air, allowing you to learn techniques to access the necessities you need to stay alive in the midst of nowhere. Some would joke that booking survival packages is like paying to get lost. But it’s true. It will take you away entirely from your present world and put you in a situation where your instincts matter because even Google is not accessible. It’s an extreme kind of adventure because it will push you to your limits—in all aspects—often with the greatest, most unforgettable experiences.

Let us count why people are looking for survival packages rather than deluxe hotel bookings.

1. You will learn new skills:

It is great to be equipped with basic survival skills—making a fire, building shelter, foraging for clean water to drink and food to eat, and curing injuries using herbs. Of course, you will be coming into the holiday with some gear provided by a reliable tactical gear shop. But learning how to do those things to keep you alive with limited tools is a real challenge. It is nice to understand how to fight for survival when you can’t depend on anything or anyone. You may have a guide but learning how to make it on your own is the point of the trip, after all.

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2. See incredible things:

When you go on a survival holiday, you will be treated to sceneries you often only see on the National Geographic or Discovery Channel. There is an endless possibility of the kinds of environment and wildlife you could encounter on this trip.

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3. Let you out of your comfort zone:

It is nice to break the monotony of your daily routine once in a while. And a trip in the midst of nowhere is the best way to do that. People go on vacations to break from the hustle and bustle of their lives, and nothing allows you to enjoy the best of it than taking this thrilling journey. There will be no free WiFi, no continental breakfast, no plush beddings—just you and the world and how you can pull it through, which makes it so exciting.

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A survival holiday is terrific. It’s the proper break that everyone deserves. It’s the kind of travel that challenges a person’s ability to thrive in a different environment while allowing them a more profound sense of connection to nature and being equipped with the basic survival methods, which they might even have use for at times of uncertainty.

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