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My Content Revenge Plugin by Craig Romero Review

About The Content Revenge WordPress Plugin:

Content Revenge is a WordPress plugin that was developed by Craig Romero to help users generate unique web content easy and fast after a one-time set up. This plugin will work on autopilot to generate content, plus it also offers a unique way to get highly optimized and SEO friendly content at the same time. With this plugin, you don’t have to spend time writing or spinning content for your website or blog.

Craig Romero is working with Adsense for the past seven years and has been able to make a fortune to become millionaire. Based on the reports, he has personally used this tool daily to generate five figure earnings from Adsense checks monthly. This would mean that he knows what is doing to create a tool that can help anyone to generate lots of money.


The Content Revenge WordPress Plugin Features:

When I discovered the Content Revenge plugin, I was literally blown away with the things that it could do. This tool can basically create thousands of pages with unique, high quality content in less than a minute.

You will get many built-in features with the Content Revenge plugin to make your website look 100% unique. These include image tags, scheduled content, organization of images and much more.

One of the cool features is that this plugin allowed me to maintain all my page ranks because it creates no-follow outbound links. Besides that, each post gets unique and extremely relevant tags, which is great for SEO purposes. Although most of this will depend on the level of competition, most of pages ranked really well without back links.


How The WordPress Content Revenge Plugin Works:

Since I have started to use the Content Revenge plugin, there is no need to find content and then spin for my website. So, once you decide to get this plugin you can forget about re-writing and writing content.

Even though, you can use this plugin in several ways, you will get better results when used for Adsense websites. The important thing to remember is that the plugin will help you to generate high-quality content instantly using automated software that can build thousands of unique pages and allow you to offer value to visitors.

All you have to do is paste your targeted keywords in the required field, choose the date when you want the post to start and click generate. After that, you will have thousands of Panda safe, high ranking pages to distribute.

Another good thing about using Content Revenge WP plugin is that the posts will be scheduled to appear naturally in the search engines. So, after selecting one start date your posts will drip feed randomly on a daily basis.

SEE Content Revenge In Action


What Makes Content Revenge Plugin Different:

Well, after seeing this plugin action, there is no doubt that it’s different from all the others. What is really unique is that this tool has nothing at all to do with spinning or writing content.

One of the main reasons why I am impressed with this plugin is that the content is generated automatically and the articles are not the traditional ones that the other plugins would use.

Another thing is that the Content Revenge went through nine months of rigorous testing during the latest Google Panda update and it was noticeable that it worked well with Panda.


What I didn’t Like in The Content Revenge WordPress Plugin:

Unfortunately, if you did not get a copy of the Content Revenge you are not going to enjoy the benefits since it’s no longer for sale.



With the offer for 100% money back guarantee after 60 days, I was able to test the product without any risk.


 Bonus Or Content Revenge Discount Offers:

At the time of purchase, there were some bonus products with over $400 value.


 Final Conclusion:

All in all, the Content Revenge plugin has proven to be incredibly powerful and so far it has been more effective than article marketing because the content is not coming from article directories.

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