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Content Notifier Review – How ContentNotifier Really Works!

About The Content Notifier Software:

The Content Notifier SEO software will allow you to ping the search engines as well as other sites to get your new site indexed very quickly. You can also use this program to build valuable back links for your website to rank much higher and faster on Google.

Jaydis Technology Solutions is the creator for this software. They are known for developing desktop and web applications for internet marketing and real estate. Besides the Content Notifier, they have created products like the Gorilla Real Estate Solutions.


Content Notifier Software Features Review:

When I discovered this software several weeks ago, it was obvious that it was offering incredible value. The Content Notifier Software is very to use and has really delivered as promised because my website is now ranked much higher.

Once you download the Content Notifier, you will get access to some useful features. These include automatic content notifications; one-way back links; ability add unlimited URLs; free automatic updates for life and much more.


How The Content Notifier SEO Software Works:

The Content Notifier is very easy to use and after testing it on my websites, I can safely say that it works. You can use the software in three easy steps:

The first step is like a breeze, because the program will basically do all the work. For the next step, you would add the keywords and URL for your websites. Lastly, you can just click a button the program will start to work.

You can get access to more 75,000 websites to create one-way back links. What is really interesting is that the SEO program will allow you to decide how fast it would send the requests for back links and you can even get detailed reports for the successful links and pings.


What Makes Content Notifier Software Different:

Content Notifier is definitely different from the standard programs for link submission. This software will organize back links quickly on 1000s of indexing websites and various other sites. Using this software will allow your web pages to rank extremely quickly, whether it’s new or existing site.

Best of all, the software will run on its own so you can set a recurring schedule for it to operate when you want. There is an integrated Self-Healing Database that will automatically update the index lists and the ping.

You don’t have to be an expert in online marketing or even know some high-profile secrets to get lots of website traffic and increase your Google ranking.

The bottom line is that this program is designed to change everything about internet marketing and has significantly leveled the playing field. It can be set up easily in seconds by anyone, provide detailed reports, gives amazing bonus items and is priced competitively.


 What I didn’t Like in The Content Notifier Software:

The software could take a bit of time run in its entirety, based on the settings that you choose. But, it might not be a big problem because it will work in the background.



The software is backed by a 60 day money back guarantee.


 Bonus Or Content Notifier Software Discount Offers:

Content Notifier is selling for $37.00 for a limited time along with free bonus items.

 Final Conclusion:

Content Notifier SEO Software is certainly the most effective SEO software that I have used to date. This software is available for a low one-time price, but it can help anyone to get thousands of back-links in a short space of time.

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