Completely Fashionable Medium Length Hairstyles

When you hear about the medium, you know that you have more than one ways you can wear your style. As such medium length hairstyles mean many things for different people. It is also a very regular hair length. So, with medium hair, you can decide to grow it and rock a long hairstyle, or you can cut it and rock short haircuts. But many women with medium hair choose to rock medium hairstyles, and thanks to many variations of medium length hairstyles, they always have a variety to choose from. In our list below, you will find your favorite style that will rock your looks. Take a peek.

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1 Bobbed Volume and Highlights

This style takes more features of a traditional bob because of the layering. It looks like shag, but it is lustrous and sleekly rounded. Essentially, this haircut incorporates a single layer of layers that is styled at the bottom.

Bobbed Volume and Highlights Completely Fashionable Medium Length Hairstyles - 2

2 Extended Disconnected Bob and Highlights

You have lived almost your entire life, knowing that bobs should be smart and prime. But nowadays, that is not the case. Those days are far gone, and bob nowadays embraces choppy layers and stylish dye jobs. One of the classic haircuts to experiment with is the melted-out highlights that are a contemporary take on the ombre look. Trim the choppy layers into an extended bob for a perfect a-leister hairdo.

Extended Disconnected Bob and Highlights Completely Fashionable Medium Length Hairstyles - 3

3 Centre-Parted Blonde Bob

With medium hairstyles, you have an option to center part your hair without making it appear flat or boring. Create messy mocks with uneven waves for a straightforward undone vibe. Further, tone your hairdo in the cool blonde shade to enhance the glow of your hair.

Centre Parted Blonde Bob Completely Fashionable Medium Length Hairstyles - 4

4 Shaggy Wavy Long Bob and Dishevelled Ends

Perhaps you don’t know much about medium length hairstyles. No problem. One of the best choices you can choose when starting is the long bob. You may not enjoy the low maintenance of the short hair, but you will like the carefree nature of this style. Choose disheveled tips to enhance the texture and volume of your haircut.

Shaggy Wavy Long Bob and Dishevelled Ends Completely Fashionable Medium Length Hairstyles - 5

5 One-Length Cut and Feathery Layers

This is a beautiful idea of medium hairstyles for ladies who are looking for low maintenance and sophisticated look. Feathered layers are rounder on the head, enhancing movement and texture for those with straight hair. Going down to the shoulders, the one-length bob allows you to part it on the sides, down or at the middle- it is all about what you are looking for.

One Length Cut and Feathery Layers Completely Fashionable Medium Length Hairstyles - 6

6 Voluminous Shaggy Extra Lengthy Bob

Medium hairstyles for ladies are known for one thing; great volume. If you don’t want to rock a traditional bob, then you can give a shot to a lob. The best thing is that you can go shorter whenever you feel like doing so. You can use large hot rollers or curling iron to come up with swooping layers and messy waves that will remain intact throughout the day.

Voluminous Shaggy Extra Lengthy Bob Completely Fashionable Medium Length Hairstyles - 7

7 Mid-Length Blonde Haircut

Are you looking for something a little bit smoother? Angled v-cut layers will make your wish come true, especially if you style them straight and in addition to this, your hairstyle will be pretty low maintenance. And if the shade is starting to appear a little bit boring, you can make it pop with blonde highlights and mix it with light color.

Mid Length Blonde Haircut Completely Fashionable Medium Length Hairstyles - 8

8 Straight Wispy Bob with Chocolate Highlights

This is an ideal cut for women with fine hair looking to add bounce to their style. This simple bob glazes your shoulders, and the length is sufficient to allow you to experiment with varying styles. You can cut tips on one side to add visual interest to your style. It is an excellent style that you can wear for any occasion, be it formal or casual.

Straight Wispy Bob with Chocolate Highlights Completely Fashionable Medium Length Hairstyles - 9

9 Wavy Angled Bob with Blonde Colour

Medium length hairstyles can be sexy and sassy, and this wavy angled bob is a classic example of that. It is the best option when you need an easy to keep haircut that showcases angles of your jawline. Besides, the wavy curls can be tucked at the back behind one ear or sweep them up and hold them in a pompadour style. It is a classic style that suits women with triangular face shapes.


Wavy Angled Bob with Blonde Colour 1 Completely Fashionable Medium Length Hairstyles - 10

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